4 Good Reasons Why Parents Should Monitor Social Media Activities of Their Kids

4 Good Reasons Why Parents Should Monitor Social Media Activities of Their Kids

Kids are getting their hands on technology at younger ages than ever. Even the children belonging to the age group 10-15 have their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as WhatsApp accounts. While it has become impossible to eliminate the technology usage from their lives, you should take parental controls and monitor the social media activity of your kids. While the internet has made the children tech-savvy at a young age, your kids are exposed to a lot more online threats than you can imagine. Kids enjoy the use of social media, but they are actually unaware of what is right and what is wrong for them. That’s why we offer you to keep the eye on your kid’s phone, especially at the certain age. How to do it even without physical access to the phone - read here.

This post lists some good reasons why parents should monitor the social media activity of their kids.

1. Protect them From Cyberbullying:

Cyberbullying has become a common issue, and cyberbullies tend to attack teens more than adults. Your child can be one of the victims. Therefore, you should monitor if your child is receiving inappropriate messages or faulty texts from a stranger or if someone is blackmailing him or her. Instagram tracker app helps you know if someone is bullying your child. Bullying can greatly affect the mental health and self-esteem of your kid. It’s better to catch the cyberbully earlier before he ruins your kid’s life.

2. Save Them From Cyber Identity Theft:

Kids are more likely to fall victim to cyber identity theft because they don’t know how much personal information they should share on their social media accounts and what’s important to be kept confidential. Cyber identity thieves steal someone else’s identity to blackmail that person either for financial advantage or any other reason. Cyber identity theft is a serious crime, and monitoring your kid’s social media accounts helps protect your child from it and also prevent him or her from committing that crime.

3. Prevent Exposure to Inappropriate Content:

Protect your kids from getting exposed to inappropriate content on the social media platform. They shouldn’t be watching the things they must not know according to their age. For instance, your kid may accidentally come across sexual content or content related to terrorism or bloodshed. Such content can have negative consequences. Kids at a young age are constantly curious to learn about new things, so they tend to follow something they find new and unusual. That is why it is important to monitor which pages, hashtags, and people they are following on social media so that you can stop your kid from watching inappropriate content.

4. Stop them From Connecting with Strangers:

Kids may contact strangers in order to socialize and increase their number of friends on social media. Some of the strangers they chat with may have harmful intentions. Monitoring helps you identify any suspicious conversations and warn your kid about the potential dangers. Monitoring apps also help you see the text messages your kids are receiving and sending through their social media accounts, and you can step in and stop them from connecting with strangers.

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