3 of the Many Benefits of Pre-employment Background Checks

3 of the Many Benefits of Pre-employment Background Checks

Some people may not be aware that background checks are beneficial to both employer and employee. These background checks include checking for Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses, work histories, education, criminal records, and more. The information gathered can help employers determine if the candidate is qualified for the job or not. They can also screen out potential risks by finding out what previous employers have reported about them. Let’s explore the three main benefits of pre-employment background checks!

1. Full Disclosure

One of the main benefits of pre-employment background checks is the full disclosure it provides for both candidates and employers. The process can reveal any previous criminal offenses, which adds to their honesty when applying to work at a company. It also helps employers know what they are getting themselves into before hiring someone. One great option employers choose is to conduct DBS Checks to check if the candidate has ever been arrested and what for. The disclosure also comes from the employer’s standpoint. They can find out if the applicant is currently employed elsewhere and how many jobs they have held since their last background check. This gives them a better idea of how long the person has been at their job, who their current employers are, and why they want to leave.

2. Higher Rate of Employee Retention

When employers know that they can trust their employees and feel comfortable with them, the rate of employee retention goes up. With this increase in trust and comfort also comes a decrease in turnover rates, which means lower costs for recruitment and training new employees. If the employer has more time to focus on different projects, it can lead to an overall better business. The employees feel more comfortable and engaged with their work. This can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and lower absentee rates.

3. Safety for the Company

When employers conduct background checks, they are also protecting themselves and their businesses. If a candidate was convicted of a crime or has been involved in illegal activities previously, it could lead to legal problems for the employer if their name is revealed during a background check. Some crimes will make it difficult for someone to be employed by most companies and companies will struggle to manage their business. These crimes can include sexual assault, theft, burglary, robbery, battery, and others.

Background checks also increase safety by checking for those who have been suspected or convicted of drug use. For some companies, having a drug-free workplace is a condition for employment. In others, they test randomly to see which employees are using drugs and catch those who may be doing so on the job. Drug users may not want to apply if they know they will fail the test.

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Pre-employment background checks are beneficial in many ways. They help reveal the honesty of applicants when they are looking for work. A candidate who lies on their application may have lied about other details that could lead to problems down the road if hired for the job. They also help employers know who they are hiring and what to expect from their employees by finding out if new hires have previously been involved in illegal activities like theft or drug use, or violent crimes.

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