The year 2020 was a period that made businesses aware of the real importance and value of digital marketing. With naysayers turning into active proponents, businesses, big and small took the plunge into digital marketing.

There is a realization that traditional models of doing business are not going to survive for much longer. There is also an acceptance of the fact that the Pandemic has changed consumer behavior and made it increasingly digitized.

Like a marauding steam roller, digital use is not going to stop anymore. In fact, with every passing day, it is just going to witness exponential increases.

With this in mind, businesses must start preparing their digital marketing strategies for the new financial year starting April 1, 2021. In this article, we speak to leading digital marketing experts at Digitrio and ask them to shed some light on the major trends that are going to define this year.

List of the Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 according to Experts

1. Data Analytics and Management

Data analytics and management are not entirely new. Businesses have been experimenting with the same, albeit in a far more rudimentary form for decades. In 2021, advanced data analytics and management are going to help businesses in a major way. From helping in making informed decisions to streamlining operations, data management is the way forward. It can also help in creating conditions where levels of wastages can be checked.

According to experts, voice search is estimated to account for 50% of all searches on Google by year-end 2021. With smart devices, including home assistants like Alexa, Echo, Dot, and Siri becoming a part of our lives, businesses need to find ways to optimize their search for it. While this can be a challenging proposition, it is something that is going to make the business future-proof. Needless to say, the SEO needs to be altered accordingly.

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI is an all-pervasive modern technology that can help businesses in multiple ways. It can help in improving effective communication, create better and more predictable data models, and cut down on manual work. In other words, businesses looking to speed up their internal operations can benefit greatly from integrating AI-enabled software and tools in their day-to-day applications. One area where AI can be greatly used in the field of customer relationships.

4. Google Verification, GMB, and Local SEO

The beauty of digital marketing is that even if you do not have thousands of dollars to invest in AI, you have great strategies that work. Google My Business is a great platform for local businesses like plumbing companies, air conditioner repairs, and furniture makers. All you need to do is create a GMB page and apply for verification from Google. Once it is done, you need to create a complete profile by adding your reviews, ratings, and pictures.

5. Automation in Workflow Management

Using old means of internal communication like emails, phone calls, and WhatsApp is not going to help you create a productive workforce. Businesses, both big and small need to understand that optimizing the workflow can contribute in a major way to boosting productivity. Using workflow software can allow employees to be aware of their assigned tasks and deadlines. This reduces unnecessary to and from communication as well as saves a lot of time.

6. Video Marketing and Advertising

For quite some time now, experts are suggesting a marketing and advertising model that should be driven by videos. The actual investments are indeed more than other mediums. However, the ROIs are also great if you are willing to invest in video marketing. Creating video assets allows businesses to start using the same for their social media profiles and websites. This helps in building credibility and encourages trust on the part of the consumers.

7. Content Marketing

We already mentioned how the pandemic has changed consumer behavior in a major way. Digital consumers want to align with brands that are more interested in sharing credible information and providing knowledge and education. This is a major reason why experts predict content marketing to emerge as one of the strongest and most effective digital marketing strategies for 2021. Having a blog, using good guest posting, etc. are necessary for 2021.

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses: Is it the Right Decision?

If you are a start-up entrepreneur or a small business owner, you might be strongly thinking about digital marketing. Questions like the following might be cropping up in your head-

We understand how complex and complicated understanding a new discipline can get. What needs to be pointed out is the fact that whatever the size and scale of your business, digital marketing is a necessity for you.

In very simple words, a business needs to be present where its customers are. This is the exact reason why you buy a showroom or a shop in a market location. You see the footfalls, the kind of consumers visiting the market, logistics, costs, and then decide.

Digital Marketing is essential because the customers you want to target are online! They are using Ecommerce platforms to shop, Social Media to entertain and inform themselves, and are using Search Engines for discovery.

The Bottom Line

The above seven trends can play a critical role in helping businesses with all-around success on digital marketing platforms. From increasing web traffic to ensuring sales conversions and revenue generation, these seven trends can guarantee it all.

It is no longer a question of whether digital marketing should be pursued or not. The question now is- how well can I do and engage with my digital marketing strategies. As we said, you do not need to break the bank to successfully use and employ digital marketing. All you need is insights, creative strategies, and a motivated team.