In 2021 the internet is an exciting digital ecosystem for marketing and commerce. It has become necessary for businesses and organizations of all sizes across the globe to have a presence on the web. To keep up with the rapidly evolving markets, all businesses seek to be constantly discoverable to their customers and target demographics.

The most common way a consumer finds products or services is through a search engine.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you want Google and other search engines to present your business or product to potential customers first. This is often achieved through crafty SEO but another way to get your business showcased to your customers online is through the innovative strategy of pay per click advertising.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising Exactly?

Pay per click advertising is pretty much what it sounds like it is. A company pays for the number of times an internet user clicks to their website while using a search engine like Google or Bing or a social media platform like Facebook.

Any PPC wizards, like the team at Restoration Boost, will tell you that these paid clicks are incredibly effective. A simple mouse click will help any business generate qualified leads instantaneously. Because these PPC ads are highly targeted, there is a high likelihood that the targets will click them.

Here are some of the reasons why Pay Per Click Advertising is so effective.

1. It Finds The Right Customers

Picture your ideal customer. How old are they? What do they do for a living? Who are they really? If you can answer these questions, then you can tailor a pay per click ad to appeal to or connect with this customer. Although the pay per click method does use keywords, it takes the customization of digital marketing even further. The ads can contain very detailed information about your target demographic. The website or search engine uses the power of algorithms to match millions of internet users’ precious data to the demographic information contained in your ad. This process’s specificity dramatically increases the odds that a new customer will have a warm meeting with your business.

2. The Timing is Everything

Pay Per Click ads appear right when a potential customer needs them the most. As with SEO strategies, the beauty of PPC is that a customer’s internet activity triggers it. When a customer is actively looking for a product or service, they will most often perform a simple search. With the right PPC campaign, people will find your business or service as the solution to their needs immediately.

In certain scenarios, a pay per click ad can lead directly to online sales. This connection benefits your company and a customer motivated to buy your products or use your services. The customer will be happy that they don’t have to work too hard to find a viable solution.

3. The Numbers Are on Your Side

Through point and click magic, a massive number of eyes will inevitably see your ad, and a great many of them will click. The number of people using search engines at any given moment is staggering. Google alone averages forty thousand per second! Millions of people use these online search engines daily to curate their consumer options. If your company or product stands to appear in an ad for even a tiny fraction of those Googlers, the virtual floodgates of your website will be wide open.

4. It Works Fast

In contrast to SEO marketing’s slow organic growth, pay per click advertising provides lightning speed results. With millions of online searches happening constantly, it’s obvious why the clicks can come in hot and fast. According to experts, clicks can come in so fast that it’s vital to ensure your campaign is set up carefully to not pay for more than you have to. If done right, these campaigns more than pay for themselves with a great return on investment.

Person using ppc for website

Ultimately with pay per click advertising, you are not gambling on marketing and only pay for the successful clicks. It is a low-risk way of making your business more discoverable to new customers. The instant gratification of PPC can offset the gradual methodical process of SEO efforts. There is increased competition online for companies using similar SEO keywords, and businesses with a low domain authority have the potential to get lost in the digital shuffle.  Luckily pay per click can, and should, co-exist in digital marketing strategy. The PPC ads will generate hot and fast leads to motivate any business and stimulate overall growth.