The popular social media platform Instagram offers several useful features for small and big businesses. Most of these features can help increase brand reach, create visibility, and gather more customers. In fact, the option of switching to a Business profile from a personal profile can be a total game-changer. With rising competition, brands and businesses are switching to the Business Account and taking maximum advantage of the additional features to drive their business. If you are new to social media and wish to grow your business on Instagram, learn the in and outs of using a Business account.

Here are some important aspects you should consider for your business profile on Instagram.

1. Use Instagram Analytics and Insights

One of the best features introduced by Instagram is the Analytics options that let you measure your performance based on the post engagement, profile visits, reach, new followers gained, website visits, profile visits, and the overall impression garnered by your page. It lets you compare your performance and helps you learn from your mistakes.

You can apply new strategies in your upcoming content plan and create more engagement to grow your business. Furthermore, the insights also provide information on the type of users with demographic and geographical input. With this information, you can create and float posts that will target your ideal audience group and get more followers in a short period.

2. Promote Content with Ads

Instagram provides the option to promote your content using paid ads. However, this feature can only be accessed if you run a Business Account. To promote your content on the platform, choose your best post or the content that your potential customers and followers will like. Next, craft your ad objective and define your ideal target audience. Use Ads Manager to prepare your ad format. You can also select the option ‘Promote’ below your post. Select the number of days and the type of audience to promote your content. Measure your daily analytics and insights to measure your reach.

3. Optimize Call to Action Buttons

Since Instagram does not allow you to add website clickable links to post captions, strengthening the CTAs on this platform is crucial. Even if your potential customer wishes to engage with your official website, an absence of strong Call to Action buttons will not allow them. This, in turn, can mean a major loss for your business. For example, add your brand’s website link in your bio or link it to your stories. Speaking of which, you should get a web hosting service for your business to keep your official site up and running. The web hosting experts at WP-Tweaks recommend getting a reliable web host to avoid several caveats such as slow uptime and occasional unavailability. Once a user clicks on the website link, they will be directed to your website.

4. Use Shopping Features

New shopping features allow you to add product links to your images. Upon tapping the image, you can get the product details and the price. This makes it easier for your customers to get product information and purchase it without a second thought. With time, over 70% of customers have resorted to finding products and shopping off Instagram. With the introduction of the new shopping feature and panel, online customers can easily buy the products recommended and used by their favorite influencers.

As a business owner, you can take advantage of this benefit by hiring influencers to promote your products or services. The storefront interface is customizable and easy to use. Use the shopping tags to provide more information about your brand’s products.

5. Optimize Your Bio

The first thing that a customer sees upon visiting your Instagram page is your bio. A strong bio will help leave a good first impression on the follower, which is crucial to establish your brand identity. Firstly, write an engaging short description of your brand and its values. Since the characters are limited, craft a compelling bio to garner attention. More importantly, use targeted keywords to make it clearer for your audience.

Just a quick scan of your bio and profile should explain your brand values to the users. Upload a clear picture of your brand logo as your profile photo and add your location. Instagram also allows you to add your contact details such as contact number and email address.

Consider these aspects when creating your Business Account on Instagram. Since social media is one of the most effective resources to promote small and big businesses, you must take maximum advantage of this free platform and increase your reach. While the type of content you post and the marketing strategies you apply play a major role in gathering followers, using the Business Profile to its maximum potential is extremely important too.