Complete Guide to Reverse Image Search in Digital Marketing

Maybe you have downloaded thousands of pictures on your computer and transferred some to your phone, but sooner or later you can’t even recall the source of those images. You asked yourself “where exactly did I get these photos?”

This article is for people who have no idea how to find the source of any picture and what photo search is all about. In the later sections, you’ll learn the basic definition, benefits, how to use and perform an image search.

It is a search engine technique that uses a sample image file as an input to retrieve related or similar images to the sample image and return image search results. It is an advanced option to search for images without using keywords. It allows you to upload an image or provide its URL to search for similar images.

This innovative tool makes it easy to do a photo search for commercial or personal use. With free tools, professionals such as graphic designers, content writers, and web developers can quickly discover visually similar or related images across the internet.

With this tool, you can find the source of profile pictures, photographs, memes, and graphic icons on your phone or PC. Content-Based image retrieval is the algorithm used for browsing visual data over the World Wide Web.

Why is Search by Picture needed?

You must be wondering what are the general practical uses of image search and why do you need it? Here are some of the uses why every online user should use this tool for personal and commercial projects:

Benefits for Internet Users

Because the web contains trillions of pictures and some of these images are duplicated while others violate copyright regulations, you need a tool that can help you identify them. Image search allows you to spot fake images, and where they are being used. Below is a shortlist of the advantages which you get using this tool:

If you perform an image-based search on profile pictures on social networking platforms, you get what you are looking for in a couple of seconds. Scammers often use photos of actresses, actors, and writers to catfish newbies. This online utility can save you from getting scammed by online predators.

If you want to track your images online, the best way is to perform a reverse image search to identify websites where they are published online. Image processing offered by multiple search engines can help you in this as it involves the technique of extracting useful information.

They convert the sample image into a digital query; instead of a keyword and performing some operations on it. There is an online tool available to browse by photos for photos called reverse image search.

This Image search engine is specifically made for this purpose. When you search by image through this tool you will get results from 3 different search engines and get similar images in just one click. You can also search for images through image URLs and by entering the keyword and get related photos. To use this tool, you can visit

You can use this tool to hunt for products without labels that are displayed on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. For example, you can uncover relevant information about any piece of furniture without proper labels.

Photo finders are used by science students to identify animals, science projects, and plants. It helps them to find out the names, species, and other relevant information of any visual data on the web.

For example, you can use your camera and take a picture of your dog or tree in the backyard. Upload the sample photo or provide the URL in the search bar of the image search web-app to find its name and species within seconds.

Sometimes you come across fashion products on the internet and thought “where can I buy this?” Visual search is a technology that helps you find the product using source image rather than keywords.

Surprisingly, 85% of e-commerce users use visual content search before making any purchases. This picture lookup augments the customer’s desire to look for alternate stores that are selling new products.

Wrapping up the Context

Image search gives you the facility to upload a picture on search engines via any gadget to find visually similar images; best-matched ones, and much more. You can use a picture you stumbled upon somewhere to find related images from the web. Similar to having the right tool in your hand, you have to make sure that your website is easily accessible for all users.