If you’ve stumbled across the latest social media usage statistics, you will agree that social channels claim the attention of more than half of the globe’s entire population as of 2020. In other words, more than fifty percent of the world’s population is active on social media today. Go a bit deeper into the stats, and you will realize that most social media users are more attracted to videos than any other type of content in this age and day. This is why entrepreneurs running small to large ventures are directing their resources toward video production these days, especially when it comes to social media advertising. It’s almost as if today’s social marketing world is about whose video ad will go viral first.

Well, this is because, as long as they are creatively made, videos are more interactive and better at attracting an audience compared to other content types. Whether you are promoting your video on IG, Facebook, YouTube, on any other social channel, one thing is for sure. It has to be professional, or at least, look like it was made by a pro. This encompasses a wide range of factors, from how you shot it, to editing, post-production effects, and sharing. Here are a few pointers you should check out on how to create professional-looking videos.

Get Ideas And Embrace Tech

When getting a video for social media, you need to decide what the content will feature or communicate. The content you choose should serve the purpose you have in mind. First of all, you need to know what your followers or if it’s a business, clients want. You can determine this by checking the analytics of the content that has generated the highest traffic online. When coming up with content for your video, here are some tips you could use.

Brainstorm Content Relevance

You can look at the most shared content related to what you wish to post. The videos posted will give you ideas on what you need to include in your video. To make sure that the ideas you have attained will work, you could do some digging online as explained in this review about StoryBlocks Video on Moneyat30. This way, you can access a lot of stock photos and videos as you discover what similar brands in your industry are posting on social media.

Keep The Message Short

Very few people will take the time to view your video. Therefore, you need to make it as short as possible so that those in a hurry or less interested will have gotten the message before losing interest.

Get Your Message Out Early

Most platforms are created so that videos will auto-play immediately a page shows up on a viewer’s screen. Most people won’t be there to view the video. You need to make sure your main message is communicated as fast as possible in the video, so it’s relayed to viewers who may have less interest in the clip. If the content is enticing enough at the beginning, most viewers will be wooed to take a closer look.


The recording is the fun part about creating a video. A professional video has to consider every single viewer who will interact with it. Get a device that will take high-quality videos, and this doesn’t necessarily mean getting expensive equipment. Your smartphone can do the magic if the camera is of the right quality. Follow the structuring of the video quite seriously as this will determine the effectiveness of your video. As you focus on the video quality, make sure the microphone is working properly.

If you have or intend to do this often, you should get yourself a tripod stand. It brings out professionalism in your video. The choice of the place to do the recording will also determine if your video will be professional or not. Avoid catchy things in the background as viewers might end losing track of the message you have and wandering off to whatever is in your background.


After recording, get all the pieces together and blend them into a single masterpiece. Let the final piece play a few times. From your perspective, do you feel the video has served the purpose you had in mind? Does it display the professionalism you wished for it to have? If not, you can always repeat, making sure you are using reputable editing tools.


After all that hassle, it’s time to get your piece out there. The time you share content has a role to play as well. You need to know when your intended audience is most and schedule the posting to that time. If done earlier it might get pushed by more recent uploads.

Person using social media on phone

Video is all the rage these days in the social space, as well as in the world of business. Especially if you intend to use your video for marketing purposes, it just has to look professional. The last thing you want is for your Brand to look cheap and amateurish. Luckily, you have the above few tips to thank as far as creating professional videos are concerned.