The importance of search engines evolved as they became an essential element in digital marketing. Appearing first on the results page of a search engine can translate into a huge success for a business. The hyper-paced nature of the digital world leaves little room for compromises that take a lot of time.

To be clearer, potential customers aren’t planning to spend a lot of time browsing through pages and pages of results to find your business. It’s time to up your game and to stay updated with SEO trends to carve your way up the ranks. We’ve collected the 9 most important SEO trends of 2021 that you might want to keep an eye on.

1. SERP Will be more Conclusive

SERPs have changed dramatically over the last few years. Snippets, video carousels, ad shares, and answer boxes have been dominating most SERPs lately. These features are designed to help users find the information they’re looking for in the fastest manner possible, which can often remove the need to visit a specific website for information. To keep your traffic flowing consistently, you’ll want to diversify your marketing channels and implement long-tail keywords.

2. Relevant Content

No matter what year it is, relevant and valuable content is going to be the currency of any SEO strategy. Combining content marketing with SEO is the key to attracting customers, and wordpress web design is the most important part of it. You need to create content that matches the interest of the buyer persona you have in mind. The algorithm of Google’s search engine is heavily focused on rating the user experience of a website.

No users will ever feel satisfied if they visit a website for a specific goal and then find themselves knee-deep in irrelevant content. The search engine results page is probably filled with competing businesses, so the visitor will have no hard time checking another one if they can’t find what they thought you offered.

3. Evolving Importance of Keyword Research

While keyword research has always been a vital element in any SEO strategy for years, its importance is increasing further in 2021. You’ll want to use more than one tool to prepare a list of your main keywords, which you will use as the primary keywords in your content and descriptions. Specific keywords shouldn’t be the only target; try to think in terms of topics. Secondary keywords can be easily obtained if you simply Google the topics, and look for ones that have a higher rate of clicks than searches.

4. Influencers and Engagement

Search engine algorithms take engagement metrics to assess the quality of the content on your website. Bounce rate, dwell time, comments, and shares are amongst the most prominent engagement metrics. Influencers are becoming stronger than ever when it comes to improving the engagement metrics of websites. When influencers direct traffic to your website, Google views it as a trustworthy site, improving your chances of being ranked higher.

5. Voice Searches

Voice searches are gearing up to dominate the world of SEO. Thanks to the various devices that can accurately capture voice and browse the internet, voice searches are becoming quite convenient for users. This can change the landscape of the keywords used to search for something online. The keywords used in voice searches are based on direct questions, which spawns a different set of keywords than the one used in text-based searches.

6. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is not a new player in the sector of SEO. If you’ve been following it in the past few years, you can easily see how important it is. Google views mobile pages of a website as the main or primary version of the website, making the PC versions secondary. This was expected because the number of searches made on mobiles exceeded the ones made on desktops. A website that isn’t optimized to properly display or work on mobile phones is destined to be buried deep in the SERP.

7. Website Security

One of the parameters that are involved in gauging the status of a website is security. While content is essentially the foundation, a website that’s not properly secured poses a risk to the visitors. Specialized security plugins and SSL certificates are the fastest way to ensure that the website is secure from malicious attacks.

Google is looking to enhance its algorithm’s understanding of users’ intentions when they look for something. Recent technologies developed by Google allowed the algorithm to understand the meaning or goal behind a search, even if the language isn’t very specific. This should be taken into account when you’re gathering keyword synonyms.

9. Long-Form Content

Person working on website at desk

The parameters that define long-form content have witnessed a few changes in the last few years. Ever since Google has announced the algorithm’s favoring of long-form content, articles or blog posts have dramatically increased in length. The algorithm perceives the length of the content as an indicator of high-quality well-researched information.

No matter how superior your business is when compared to businesses that have a higher rank on the results page, people only know that businesses on the first page must be legit and popular. Paying attention to the current trends that shape the world of SEO will help you stand out from your competitors.