Every new year brings new companies fighting for ad space and customer attention. As time passes, technology has played a role in how people consume entertainment and what they are exposed to in their day to day lives. There are certain strategies that still hold strong, while it is worth it to learn about and explore new marketing strategies for your business operating in the new year. Here are some marketing tactics to learn and prioritize in 2021.

Social Media Marketing And Advertising

It is no secret how big social media is. It is everywhere on people’s phones, creating new trends, making more and more people famous. If you don’t have your face glued to your screens, you’ll find it hard to keep up. But that feeling has created a feeling for people to spend as much time on their phones as possible, whether it is for work or entertainment. With the universal use of social media, any business would be wise to understand how to use these platforms to their advantage. More and more users engaging on different platforms are the same users that are likely to translate to consumers and spend their money on your services or products.

There is much more to learn than simply posting about your company and turning a profit in your business. There are many aspects of your company’s reach to the engagement and rate of conversion. Understanding the data is key to maximizing your social efforts.


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a marketing strategy that has been around since the advent of the internet and search engines. It utilizes users’ queries to bring them to solutions and answers. Oftentimes, these answers tend to be businesses that provide the needs of those searching for goods. As the years have passed, and as the years progress, there are continually new changes and updates to the algorithms that affect SEO practices. Marketing experts at inovativhosting.com understand the importance of SEO and its role for small businesses. For those growing companies, SEO is needed to naturally grow and expand, to make it easier for people to find them. If you are not already using search engine optimization in conjunction with any other advertising strategies, you are putting yourself and your business at a disadvantage.

Video Marketing

With new technologies, the different paths and routes to reaching your customers continue to grow. Video sharing sites have become widely popular, from finding visual answers and solutions to your questions to entertainment and engaging content. With this comes the opportunity to advertise on a different platform. Communities on these sites tend to be much more engaged and connected with the content creators and thus will take note of anything that they might reference in terms of your business and your advertising efforts. If such creators genuinely sponsor and support your products, you will see huge boosts and potential growth by catering to these communities.

There are different ways to advertise with the use of videos, whether you are playing your ads and running your campaigns with channels and on creators’ videos, or creating your own content, or a combination of your options. This will depend on your needs and budgets as a company, but all options are worth exploring.

Marketing pie chart

Podcast Advertising

One way to market that many people overlook is through podcasts. There are many users that listen to podcasts daily. However, many people are not advertising through these means. Because of this, choosing to run campaigns on podcasts is a great opportunity for various reasons. You are tapping into markets that may not be as saturated, and this means you are competing less for advertising space. This translates to it also being a cheaper alternative than choosing to advertise on other, much more popular platforms. Similar to video advertising, there are multiple ways to market on podcasts as well.

You can create your own podcast and content, sponsor and partner with certain channels, or have your ads play on designated ad space. The choices again depend on your needs and how you want to proceed. It is important to note, because the audience is still small compared to other options, that if your goal is purely growth and reach, other alternatives might be a better option.

Understanding the advertising trends is not always easy, and the fact that there are changes being made makes following such marketing trends difficult. This is why it is a much better idea to utilize various marketing strategies and diversify your approach as opposed to only going about it one way. Of course, it will change depending on your company and business, but consider all your options to see what fits your needs best.