2020 has been a year like no other in modern times, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning ahead. We know things are extremely changeable and subject to change at the moment, but we still think getting your marketing strategy for 2021 in place now is a great idea. In the very worst-case scenario, you’re just a little over-prepared, and there’s nothing wrong with that! You may have struggled this year and require some advice regarding how to plan for 2021. If that’s the case you’ve come to the right place. Below we are going to discuss everything you need to have in place to start building your 2021 marketing strategy, so if you need some tips to help you get started, please read on to find out more.

Start Now

Our first, and perhaps most obvious point, is to start planning right now. With the new year just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to start planning your attack on 2021. Get yourself a planner, calendar, diary, or other management tools and start making notes. Without properly writing out and accurately documenting your strategy for 2021, you will find yourself getting off to a false start. Talk to the rest of your team, where applicable, and get their ideas on marketing tips. We suggest planning at least the first three months in detail, but planning an overall view of the full year is also recommended by professional marketers.

Social Media And Influencers

One of the biggest tools you should be using right now is social media. Especially with many places facing Covid-19 restrictions and many people spending far more time online. Most marketing experts would recommend this immediately. Getting a good strategy in place for all social media channels is essential. With a relatively small investment, you can place targeted adverts on the timelines of people who are already interested in whatever you are selling thanks to the platforms’ complex algorithms. With a clever ad, you can easily make your post feel naturally like something that should feature on that potential customer’s feed.

Along with social media platforms come influencers. If you haven’t already heard of influencers, they are people with strong and engaged followings on social media channels who use their pull to sell products on your behalf. They can either cleverly place your product in posts or outright discuss your products with their followers. Influencers work for fees or for free products, and the value of their post goes up depending on the size of their audience.

New Partnerships

One thing to remember throughout this year of struggling business is that you are not alone. There are millions of other businesses struggling alongside you. These businesses, like you, are looking for ways to move forward into 2021. Now is the perfect time to reach out to businesses you could work alongside and help out in the coming year. A sharing of products, maybe, or linking up with one another to drive traffic to each other’s businesses. You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to work alongside another business when asked. Start local and see if you could collaborate with other local companies, or reach out to much bigger companies if you’re willing to take the punt!

Social media apps on a phone

Online Switch And eCommerce

If you haven’t already, think about moving more marketing and sales online. In 2020 online sales have shot through the roof from businesses who have never expected to even sell online. Online marketing, as well as social media, is now one of the biggest marketing tools ever. In fact, nowadays 78% of people search for and research products online, and companies that run a blog on their site get 55% more traffic. These are such simple steps to boosting traffic and building a better marketing strategy. eCommerce has been hugely influential this year, and with a simple web store and a few blog posts, you could drive plenty more sales through your business. If you’re not utilizing your website, get on it ASAP!

Hire A Team

Finally, if you have the budget we recommend hiring a marketing specialist to go over the above points with you. This is a luxury if you can afford it, and not necessary as you can drive plenty of new tactics and traffic by simply following our tips. However, if you do feel like it, there are plenty of marketing experts who can help you solidify your plans and design an all-inclusive marketing plan for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning now and build towards success in marketing your business throughout 2021. There’s no better time than now to start following our quick and easy tips for building your 2021 marketing strategy.