Social media has changed the way that the world does business. In years gone, social media was used exclusively for marketing and advertising, but now can also be used to build an eCommerce website. As an entrepreneur, there is nothing more you could want than a social media presence, for a social media presence allows you to market and sell products to millions of people throughout the world. Social media platforms can be a very beneficial way for an entrepreneur to grow their market, and this page will hope to tell you why that is.

Not only will this page tell you why that is, but we will also tell you about a few social media platforms that you can use to build your business successfully. Social media is a fantastic tool, and it is about time that we all started using it. Here are the social media platforms that entrepreneurs can use to grow their market.


Instagram is the first thing that we think of when we think about social media. It is not new, but it is a platform that is still very relevant, and a platform that can help you to generate a lot of interest in your business. Influencers are one such way; an influencer is a social media personality that has thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of followers. Influencers are prominent on many different social media platforms but are by far the most prominent on Instagram. Once you have created an Instagram presence, you can begin branching out and sponsoring influencers, who, according to the marketing specialists of Economic Secretariat, have huge power over the buying habits of their followers. Additionally, you can use Instagram to launch your own in-application eCommerce website.

Instagram now allows you to start an eCommerce site on your Instagram page. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and have products to sell, rather than services, setting up one of these eCommerce pages may be a good idea. It will allow your customers to purchase directly from your page, thereby streamlining the buying process. You can also become more intimately acquainted with your customers through your homepage, allowing you to speak to them directly, and them you. Cultivating a relationship with your customers is very important, and something that you should always strive to do, for it separates you from the faceless, multinational corporations.


TikTok is a relative newcomer in the world of social media, but, despite its age, it is a platform that has an absolutely massive userbase and is one of the most dominant platforms today. TikTok is a little harder for businesses to utilize for advertising and marketing purposes, and unless you are young and have relevance to today’s social media trends, you will find it hard to make a name for yourself. With that said, however, you can employ a younger, more relevant person to advertise for you on there. For an entrepreneur, this is a fantastic way to make a name for themselves on social media.


Snapchat is another platform that, while not new, is still very popular and relevant today. Snapchat works by users sending videos or pictures to one another, although it does have a chat function. As an entrepreneur, you can create small videos that advertise your business and send it directly to all of your followers. Snapchat is a popular method for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The difficulty with Snapchat is that you have to build your follower-base from the ground up in a different way to how you would with Instagram or TikTok. Still, if you have the determination and ability to do this, you absolutely should, for Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms of this generation.

McDonalds storefront at night


Lasso by Facebook, a social media giant as we all know, is a platform in direct competition with TikTok. It allows users to create short videos with music running over them. Lasso is, again, providing you have a relevant face for your brand, a fantastic way to advertise. You can create short clips with your brand and products and share these videos with millions of people. Lasso is an up-and-coming platform to consider.


Facebook, the oldest on our list, and one of the most effective. Facebook allows you to post content directly to your page, like Instagram, and explain what your product is, how it can benefit people, and why people should buy it. Facebook is still used by millions of people, despite the controversy associated with it.

With the help of this page, you now know a few platforms to consider for advertising and building your brand. Social media is the future for marketing and advertisement, and it’s time [if you are not already] to get involved. Good luck.