The 21st century has brought with it the need to include videos in marketing. The video has become so dramatically popular and cemented itself as part of the business marketing strategy that one can’t ignore. A well-created video plays quite a role in creating awareness about any brand or product.

A good video can help your brand stand out from the rest and capture the intended audience’s attention. The importance of videos in marketing strategies is evident and more profound on platforms such as YouTube. This piece will explore a few reasons why you should not fail to include videos in your marketing strategy.

1. Video Is Captivating

According to research done by a Management Information Systems Research Center at the University of Minnesota, the human mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. At the same time, data stored in the brain is itself visual, and, therefore, the brain will retain better information from a video than from a text.

Well, videos capture and retain the viewer’s attention more than text does, which is why marketing strategies that include videos excel better. As the production team at reveal, stunning and professional videos can help you win new customers. They can help you attract top talent and also build an audience that resonates with your sentiments. Today’s marketing strategies are more successful when video content is included.

2. Videos Improve SEO

Research by HubSpot showed that most business executives visit a website only after they have viewed a high-quality video. The high-quality content video encourages engagement from the viewers and spikes consumer interests, which can drive a lot of attention to your website. Increased clicks on your website lead to higher ranks in search engine results.

Google’s new algorithms have been most helpful in getting websites with video content at the top of search results. Thus, it would be a wise decision for marketers to ensure they include videos in their marketing strategies. For effective SEO, make your videos as short as possible and transcribe them so you can track your content with ease. Remember to create eye-catching thumbnails for your videos to attract searchers’ attention.

3. Videos Are Easily Shareable

The main agenda of creating a marketing strategy is creating awareness of either a brand or a product. If there is a means that this can be achieved faster and also reach more people, then that should be included in the strategy. According to Wordstream media, social videos are shared at an increased rate of 1200 percent compared to image and text content combined. LinkedIn Sales and marketing solutions determined that videos are shared more often than all other content formats on the platform. The reason why videos are easily shareable is that they are entertaining and practical, inclusive of tips, tricks, and hacks. Their advantage is in their ability to attract attention and their ease of sharing. Marketers should never leave out videos in their marketing strategies.

4. Videos Improve User Time on a Page

Based on data published in a Forbes article by TJ McCue, the regular web user spends more time on websites with videos than with text. Suppose these statistics are correct by just adding videos to your website pages. In that case, you will likely notice increased data traffic to your website, hence reaching more to your audience and target market.

Most people will find watching videos more fun than reading text. Hence, a large number of videos on your website will provide you with value and high customer retention rates for any potential customer you might have. Therefore, create quality content videos and use them as one of your marketing strategies if you want the best results in terms of reaching your intended market segment.

Film camera sitting on table

5. Increased Number of Platforms for Sharing Videos

Today, there are hundreds of platforms for sharing videos. Most of them allow their use for commercial purposes such as marketing. Including videos in your marketing strategies allows you the opportunity to share your content on different platforms. Text sharing platforms are very few, and therefore it is important to invest in platforms that will bring you your ultimate goal.

Videos are very captivating and very instrumental in making sure you reach the targeted audience. Any marketing strategy that doesn’t involve a video can’t be as effective since text alone cannot get a brand or product the aspired number of audiences. The globe today has very many video platforms that one can share their content videos and reach their aspired audiences. Therefore, if you aspire to get our brand or product the best audience, it would be wise for you to use videos to make this happen.