In order for a business to appear reputable, it’s essential for its website to have certain attributes. If a website doesn’t have a clean, fresh look to it, has a long load time, or isn’t user friendly, then there’s a massive loss of potential customers and page traffic. By utilizing a few of these techniques, your website should be able to stand against competitors and gain momentum.

Less Load Time

Before users notice anything about your website, they will experience its load time first. If a site takes more than three measly seconds to load, then go ahead and cut what would be website traffic and possible clientele in half. With lightning speed technologies available, no one wastes time on pages that take long to load.

Not to fret, though—there are many ways around this. Here are some other quick and dirty tips of how you can shorten load time on your page:

Mobile Friendliness

About 60 percent of users will be accessing your site with their phones. That means you’ll lose over half of potential users or customers if your website doesn’t accommodate mobile phones. As pros over at say, the best solution for increasing speed for mobile internet users is having AMP pages. These are lighter versions of your regular website pages, meant only for mobile users. Not only that but if you haven’t adjusted your site’s mobile-friendliness, then those who have, your competitors, will be ranked before you.

Eye-Catching Homepage

A home page is a lot like the opening paragraph of a work of literature—it needs to create interest within viewers. We live in a very visual society, so images that market your product or service well is crucial. High-quality photos that take a long time to load will not be received well. All photos and videos posted need to have solid editing and airbrushing before posted on your site. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good color scheme and sleek design.

Most viewers came to your site to make a purchase or locate a service. Don’t bother writing thick blocks of text or trying to tell your company’s whole life story in detail. It’s a waste of time and space on your homepage, as most viewers are not going to take the time to read it. Keep it short and simple. Introduce the company by explaining what it is you offer. Bullet-pointed lists are the best for this because users might skip over the paragraph completely and just read what’s in the bullets.

Passionate About Page

This is where you can go into more detail about how your business began and why you offer the product or services you do. A powerful, dynamic mission statement is strongly advised. Make sure it’s not vague and clearly states the company’s aims. If there is anything about your company that can appeal to a person’s sentimental side, then this is where it will happen. Whatever makes your business unique, include that here. Also, make sure to include any accolades or partnerships that will show credibility.

Catchy Call to Action

Whatever it is that you want your users to do—just tell them! Be a little coy about it by peppering them throughout the pages on your website. They should be catchy but not gimmicky. No one wants to feel like they’re being sold on a product. In sales, for a customer to be truly persuaded means, they change sides and think it was their idea. Make sure users are not confused by what they should do when they visit your site.

Woman writing on paper at desk

Social Media Icons

It should go without saying that social media is inextricably tethered to an organization’s relevance and online presence. Social media is a great way to compile a portfolio that will be easily accessible to a wide audience. Users are more likely to stay up to date with your company if they can follow you on social media. With that being said, make sure that your website has icons that will redirect users to its social media platforms.

Next time you visit a page, take note of its contents. Remember the themes and features it has that are visually appealing or accommodate some need you have. Paying attention to how other conglomerates market themselves on their pages can be very useful to you. Other than that, if your website has all of these elements, then it should be on its way to more traffic and user satisfaction.