When you have a business, the very aim of having marketing strategies in place is to get people to know about the service and/or products you provide and attract potential customers. Although this process is not quite as simple as you may think. There is actually science behind this and businesses should follow a common framework developed to strengthen your marketing plan, known as a marketing funnel.

You need to know how to guide customers through the buying process, what makes them buy your product and how can you get them to repeat this again. By using the marketing funnel, you increase your chances of success when it comes to your marketing strategies as well as your sales rates. Although some people believe this is an outdated strategy to use, in this article, we will advise you why you need a marketing funnel in 2020.

Why is Funnel Marketing still Relevant

As mentioned previously, many individuals believe that marketing funnel strategies should no longer be used, although they fail to see the purpose of this framework. Funnel marketing remains incredibly useful so that you can easily understand the customer’s buying journey and use that in your favour to put measures in place that will reinforce that. Without using this, you may risk focusing on approaches that do not necessarily benefit you.

Be Relevant to Customers

Funnel marketing provides you and those working with you, a high-level perspective of what stages individuals typically go through when buying a product. Funnel marketing allows you to take a close look at your customers and help you determine their preferences so that you can use promoting techniques that are relevant to them. For example, you may be trying to have a strong online presence, but by using the marketing funnel, you may realise that your customers are not on social media, therefore all your efforts would be in vain. If you do not know much about marketing strategies, you can always refer to skilled guides available to increase your knowledge and skills in this area. Experts from TheCalvinLim.com suggest reading professional marketing blogs so that you can improve your marketing strategies and know your customers preferences. You can engage more with your target audience if you get to know them properly.

Preserve Resources

The funnel marketing framework increases brands’ awareness of where their marketing resources should focus as you will be able to see what strategies have significantly benefited your business and the rates of your sales. Rather than wasting money and energy on inefficient strategies, you can preserve your resources and focus on what will actually make a difference. For example, you may spend a lot of time and energy organizing events in person to attract more customers, but by using the funnel marketing you understand that most of your customers come to you through your web page – therefore this is where you should focus your energy and resources on.

Effective Automation

Funnel marketing allows for automation as well. Devise an overall impression of how customers come to buying so you can automate monotonous responsibilities. For example, if you understand individuals are more likely to sign up for your email newsletter, you can generate an automatic welcome arrangement. Bring value to anyone who subscribes instantly with free resources, vouchers, and valuable content. This makes people warm up towards you and increases their likelihood of purchasing your products, without a massive effort from your part.

Man planning marketing funnel on whiteboard

Reimagining the Traditional Funnel

One of the reasons people believe that the funnel marketing should no longer be in use, is that the traditional framework is indeed somewhat outdated and was created before technology was in place. Of course, things change and your strategies should reflect this change, but this does not mean that certain approaches do not apply to modern businesses. The very core values of marketing funnel remain relevant to the purchasing process and although you should not use the traditional funnel that was developed years ago, we can reimagine it in order to still benefit from this still relevant process.

Customers are increasingly more unpredictable today, but that does not necessarily mean that it is not possible to foresee the buyer journey. You solely need a tactic that supports you cultivate as many leads as you can. Modern funnels are essential to achieve this, and when done correctly they can provide you with crucial context and tools to modify your brand experience, have more meaningful engagement with customers, and increase your sales.

Marketing is incredibly important for a business, and it always has been. Evidently, things have changed dramatically over the last few years, with the expansion of technology and the digitalization of businesses. However, some strategies in the olden days, such as marketing funnels, remain just as useful nowadays. Using this tactic effectively will significantly benefit you and your business.