Providing incentives to potential customers can promote conversions which could be initial purchasing, email subscriptions, referrals and more. People love getting something for nothing or for a lower cost. Exit-intent pop-ups will motivate potential customers to complete actions that help your business.

Exit-intent technology monitors visitors’ mouse movements so when they about to exit a pop-up is triggered. Pop-ups give your visitors a reason to become email subscribers and even a customer. This guide will show you why you need to utilize this tool.

How exit-intent pop-ups work?

Exit-intent pop-ups get visitors to stay on your website and leverage the opportunity to convert them into paying customers or subscribers. The exit-intent system usually influence a person’s choices by analyzing visitor behavior, such as what are they most likely to buy, and it tracks the visitor’s cursor and their movement throughout the website so it can determine when a potential customer is about to leave the site.

Why should an e-ommerce business use them?

Exit-intent pop-ups are very useful for e-commerce sites. This is because the website itself is often the only contact e-commerce businesses have with their customers and it is certainly the first form of communication with customers. Hence, an exit-intent gives businesses a chance to connect with customers one more time. It allows the visitor to reconsider and urges the user to invest more time on the website.

What you can include in a pop-up

The pop-up itself can be designed however you want. However, there are a few things that could be done to convince visitors to complete the sale.

First, the shape can have an impact on the visitor. As some attract more attention than other. For example, a circle shaped pop-up can attract the user’s attention as it is different to the usual rectangle shaped pop-ups.

Second, use appropriate font, size and name when designing the pop-up. This will help you to convey the message to the visitor and maybe even convince them to leave valuable information such as an email address. Also, it can emphasize the important bits of the information when different fonts are used.

Third, make it minimal. When you lots of information or you are asking for a lot, it can become overwhelming. So get to the point and make it simple to boost conversion.

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Timing the exit-intent pop-up

Pop-ups can come up for many reasons. Most of the time, you will want to trigger the pop-up by mouse movement. Specifically, this can be when a visitor moves their mouse in a way that indicates they are about to leave the page.

What kind of information do the pop-ups provide?

Exit-intent pop-ups offer lots of valuable information not just for you but for the visitor as well. This includes:

Is an exit-intent pop-up the best marketing option?

When a visitor leaves your website, they might not remember to come back. So, you might have lost a valuable opportunity. Unlike other marketing strategies exit-intent pop-ups can serve a multi-purpose. They capture emails and monitor visitor behavior allowing you to personalize their experience.

The main benefits of exit-intent strategy are:

So, along with these benefits, you need to make sure that these pop-ups are well-timed to re-engage website visitors before they end up leaving your site forever. Say, after prolonged inactivity you might show a pop-up to grab their attention with a deal and re-engage them.

Industries that can find this tool useful

Here are some examples of industries that can make use of an exit-intent and some ideas for what to offer the visitor:

Exit-intent pop-ups are great for accelerating e-commerce businesses. It attracts and converts so it’s one last attempt to avoid the potential customer from leaving your website and might even create a second thought in the minds of potential customers. They should always offer some valuable information such as a discount code. At the same time, you need to capture their email for it to be effective.