For most of us, Silicon Valley is the cradle of modern technology, teeming with a sea of startups, each feuding for the attention of both venture capitalists and consumers. Yet, situated some 670 miles northeast from the world’s technological epicenter and newly minded startups sits a small town in Boise, Idaho, which is now home to one of the hottest SaaS companies today.

As the virtual doors quietly opened to ClickFunnels in 2014 – Russell Brunson’s innovative startup has silently revolutionized the online marketing environment without a single VC in sight. There was no one there to make suggestions or to influence Russell’s business strategy to scale or elaborate the platform in any kind or manner. Brunson was entirely on his own, launching a dazzle of emails with sizzling sales copies, which enticed over 1 million people on his list to join his latest venture.

Who is Russel Brunson? 

You may know Russell Brunson as the CEO of ClickFunnels, or you may just know him as “that marketing guy.” Over the 15 years, Russel succeeded to build a following of over million successful entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, propagated the concept of sales funnel, and co-founded the well-known ClickFunnels, a company that helps tens of thousands of young entrepreneurs to quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

Russel used to collect junk mails since the age of 12, watch TV, listen to the radio or wait for commercials as to him, marketing and sales were the real show. Despite his young age, Russel Brunson picked every business opportunity he could find, simply to study and explore the art and science of direct response.

In 2003, Russel savored his first success as an online marketer after he sold a software called ZipBrander, a viral marketing tool that not only encouraged laser-targeted traffic to websites but helped them increase backend revenues automatically. Two years later, Russel created another product selling “How To Create A Potato Gun” DVDs. This was a simple instructional course that later launched Russel into the vast world of Internet Marketing, where he quickly became one of the best marketing minds out there.

Shortly after graduation, Russel made his first million dollars selling his products. He sold nearly everything from supplements to shakes to coaching books, technology service, consulting, and software. Both obstacles and limitations he grappled with the technology required to bring his sales funnels to life, becoming the birthplace of the idea for his SaaS company ClickFunnels. Russel and his partner Todd Dickerson launched their sales funnel software in October 2014, which currently boasts over 100,000 active users.

As we discover in the article Russell Brunson Net Worth: The Man Behind the Machine, Russell has built a massive company after enticing over 1 million people on his list to join his latest venture. But that’s not all. Russell’s competitive advantage over the average founder is one of deep entrenchment in the internet marketing world. How else do you think he did it?

Russel lives, breathes, and feeds off the analytics. He is perfectly capable of meticulously scrutinizing sales copy, twisting and fabricating high-converting offers, and selecting apart the resultant traffic until he’s built a cash machine.

Russel Brunson’s Net Worth 

No one could have predicted that a Utah born boy like Russell would one day make 3 million dollars in 90 minutes at the 10x Growth Conference of Grant Cardone. However, there was some inclination that his natural childhood tendency to curiosity, competitiveness, and determination would result in some fantastic results.

As each cash machine operates online, it adds to an army of capital-on-autopilot systems that are continually enriching Russell’s enormous and ever-expanding digital empire while he sleeps. Yes, that’s how dreams look like. In a world filled with one-on-one-hit wonders and flim-flam shows, an individual like Russell stands out:

After he set up his business online, it became the scheme for the sales funnel’s power. His sales funnels opened up new opportunities for business – except that there was no easy or automated way to exploit funnel building for internet marketing business. This further encouraged Russel to build a software company that propelled him to one of the business owners worldwide and placed him at the leading edge of digital marketing.

How Russel Brunson revolutionized the internet marketing industry? 

Together with his partner Todd Dickerson, Russel harnessed all his marketing knowledge, sales experience, techniques, and persuasive sales messages revolutionizing the digital marketing industry.  

Working as a co-founder to ClickFunnels, Brunson, and Dickerson created, developed, tested, and refined an all-in-one sales funnel builder that would streamline, modernize, and simplify the way any business:

Contrary to what you might have been told, Russel is not one of those entrepreneurs who quits after just one loss. Instead, he gave funnel “hackers,” and everything business would need to make hundreds and thousands of dollars from a few choice offers.

In short, he narrowed down into funnels, but then he developed to include all the essential things. From funnel building software, funnel hacking and building, live coaching on funnel hacking, a dynamic community of funnel builders, blueprints, and proven formulas for funnel building and even automated copywriting software for coherent and precise messaging.  

Whether Russel Brunson foresaw it or not, he managed to build a whole ecosystem around the idea of winning with ClickFunnels. So, it comes as no surprise why his status as a marketing guru originates from this combination of theory and practice.