You are actively seeking to grow your business and are wondering the best strategies to use to actualize this dream? Microblogging is one such technique you can use to boost your business. Let’s find out more.

What Exactly Does It Entail?

A microblog involves blogging short-form content to impact an audience during a brief interaction. Therefore, you engage with your online following using short and instant messages. The benefit of this strategy is to simplify communication with your customers.

You can implement the microblog in audio, visual, pictures, and also text format. The end goal of initiating a microblog is to spark interesting conversations around certain topics. In this regard, the content should cultivate towards issues around your business. Below are some microblogging platforms you should try out for your business.


The benefit of using Facebook is the ability to integrate different forms of microblogging. Should you prefer audio or visual content, it is up to you. Additionally, the platform’s accessibility to anywhere across the globe allows you to reach a wider audience, irrespective of where you are. Not to forget, the platform’s ability in using the share option, also increases the transmission of your content.


Instagram use has significantly grown since the launch. You can share photos and videos to a global audience anytime. Think about it. How amazing is it to have a global platform that you can share real-time images and videos as Instagram stories? Microblogging is also made easy on the platform with the ability to repost other users’ real-time stories, videos, and even message posts.

Moreover, it is easy for the audience to view your content, whether they follow you or not. The good news is that the audience can see your message posts, videos, and also photos, as long as you don’t restrict the ability to view your followers.


The best way of microblogging exclusively on this platform is the use of GIFs and photos. In case you’re wondering, here’s why. A bigger percentage of the audience tends to associate posting visuals compared to text messages. However, do not shy away from including short words and also audio clips in the posts.

Additionally, there isn’t a single rule existing on the platform to limit you on the number of characters to include in your post. Furthermore, you can also boost your post by sponsoring them. What does this mean for you? You increase your chances of reaching a wider audience globally.

You can also use Google My Business posts option to find your different posts online and share it with your audience. It allows you to include your products, and also give offers.


Pinterest is one of the best platforms in promoting microblogging through images. Pinning your images to your messages regarding a popular topic can help you reach a wider audience. Not to forget, most people tend to draw their inspiration for their day-to-day life on Pinterest. You can include incorporating services around food, home and décor, and also fashion trends. Generally, it is a lifestyle platform that you can use to boost your business.


A common way to microblog on Twitter is using GIFs and hashtags. More people view the messages in a short time. Not to forget, when you tweet content, retweeting triggers more conversations around the topic. You can also aim at communicating direct points using short messages.

Additionally, the platform’s limit of 280 characters further boosts the ability to integrate shorter messages. You can also share photos, audio clips, and even hyperlinks. Intensive use of hashtags can get your post to a wider audience as you are content trends among the users.

Woman using micro blog

Tik Tok

The platform has a fantastic reception in 2020. The advantage of using this platform is by integrating short video clips. Additionally, if your business relates around with a younger demographic, this will be a good avenue to use as most users are young.

Think of the Numerous Benefits of Microblogging

Think of the ease in putting up a microblog. Not only is it fast, but also convenient. All it takes is putting up content in a simpler way and placing it as a post. Additionally, you can also post microblogs at frequent intervals. Here’s why. Creating short posts is not an uphill task when boosting your business.

The information cycle is instant. You don’t have to wait for hours on end to monitor the progress of your content—immediate posting for instant viewing by the audience.

To achieve the best results in microblogging as a business growth strategy, remain consistent in creating posts. The unique ability of fast and easy circulation of content in microblogs allows you to explore the need for answering questions to consumers instantly fully.