In the 21st century, the business world has changed from one where businesses were predominantly based in bricks and mortar premises to the current situation where many companies solely trade online. Online trading means that you can reach a much larger audience all over the planet, as you are not just restricted to local sales or sales via a catalog or word of mouth. However, maintaining your online business and developing lasting relationships with your clients is not easy as there is so much competition that customers are often spoilt for choice.

Here we are going to look at how to build a great relationship with your clients.


As with any relationship in life, communication is key, and this is especially important with your business relationships. In the modern world where social media is to the fore, customers expect to be able to communicate with a company whenever they want and at any time of day, so it is vital that you have the ability to follow up on any questions or queries as soon as they happen. If you do this, your client base will have more confidence in you because it seems that you care, and if you can do one better and provide solutions to their problems, they will return for repeat business, helping to drive your company forward.

Be Professional

Being professional can take many forms, but in this instance, it means that you have to show your clients that you speak with authority and know what you are talking about. When you engage a client, for example, it is vital that you have professional contracts prepared and that all the documentation is handled seamlessly. You could spend a fortune hiring a lawyer, but instead, it is more cost-efficient making your own contracts, using guidance from expert websites. Showing your clients your professionalism from the outset is much more likely to recommend you via word of mouth, which will hopefully lead to new customers.

Ask for Feedback

Customers like nothing more than being asked for their feedback and opinion on your products and services because it empowers them; they feel like they are important and that their opinion is valuable. At every available opportunity, you should be asking for their comments, both good and bad, so that you can seek to make your business more efficient by delivering exactly what the client wants. Feedback can even lead you to go off on a tangent and produce a service or product that you didn’t know a customer might need, and that could open a whole new revenue stream. So, the simple act of always asking your clients’ opinions can lead to a great relationship and possible new income.

Customer relationships with laptops on desk

Reward Them

Everybody loves being given a gift as this kind act produces a little bit of dopamine in our brains, which makes us feel good. Why not, then, translate this into the business world by rewarding your most loyal customers. This could be something as simple as offering a discount if they spend x in your online store, or maybe if they introduce five new customers to your web page, you could offer them a baseball cap or a pin badge that doubles up as free advertising. Anything that will make your customer return to your store is positive for your business, and rewarding them is one of the easiest ways to encourage repeat visits.

Make Life Easy for Them

The beauty of social media and websites is that you can present information to your client base in an easy and efficient manner, whilst also being able to reach the biggest audience possible. But, what if you made life even easier by ensuring that your website is mobile friendly and that they don’t have to trawl through endless pages of guff before reaching the check out page? Well, you will find that they spend longer on your website, and time translates into sales. So, think like your customer and make life so easy for them that they do not want to leave you pages, and you will find that your relationship is enhanced and that you sell more products.

Starting an online business is never easy, so it is imperative that you build a great relationship with your client base. Communicate with them via social media so that they can reach you at any time of the day and make sure that everything you do is as professional as possible. Reward them for multiple purchases or introduce new clients and ask for feedback at every turn to pander to their needs. Now is the time for the hard work, and hopefully, a better relationship with your clients.