The cornerstone of modern marketing is social media presence. Social media is the link to potential customers and conversions that everyone is looking for. When you make it big on social media, your brand becomes ubiquitous. It’s a solid base through which to sell and speak, inform and teach. You are directly feeding your pitch and branding to the masses. All they have to do is click the follow button. When we share what we know, we grow. But sometimes we don’t reach the audience we want. Sometimes there are elements that are beyond us, like time and responsibilities, that keep us from growing our platform the way we want to. If you’re looking to expand and reach as many people across the globe, here’s how you do it.

Facilitate Engagement

The main point of social media is to get people to come together and talk. It’s about building a community that grows from the interesting ideas generated from it. This is done from the comments section, the content, and even the recognitions from other pages. If you want to grow your social media platforms you need to have as many people in your followers stable actively engaging. The more people you have, the more likely they’re going to actively engage, depending on what you post.


Here’s the thing, social media works on numbers. It’s cold, hard numbers at the end of the day. Whether you’re posting pictures of kittens, historical pictures, social commentary, or anything else, the traffic you get is based on the content you put out. The strategy for a lot of people online is to use controversy to sell. This is true of any influencer that isn’t overtly gifted outside of the gift of gab and shock. Again, this might not be your strategy, but the content, be it positive or negative, as long as it lines up with your brand and generates interaction, is a net good.

Apps on an iPhone


There’s a timing aspect of social media that many ignore. You don’t need to be posing 24/7. You don’t need to drop a new podcast every single day. But what you do need to do is figure out who your demographics is, and find out when they’re most likely to engage. This is how people time their social media drops. If it comes out on the feed within the first few minutes of them logging on, individuals are more likely to engage and like. People are fresh and looking for that dopamine hit they get from clicking likes and gaining likes. When your sensibilities are put in front of them at the right time, like 8:30PM, they’re ready to share, comment, agree, violently disagree, etc.

These are the essential tips to boost your social media growth. One needs to be objective with numbers and smart with the content. It’s a strategy that’s been applied most by social movements with great success. Going viral may be the rage and the rule of the day, but building sustainable growth is what wins in the long run. But whatever strategy you may choose, timing, content, and engagement are the bread and butter of your goals.