We spend most hours of the day glued to some sort of electronic device, logged onto one digital platform or another. Online presence for today’s generations has become the mainstream style of living. Just like offline life, online life can get really messy and you need all the gadgets and tools you can get to save you from losing your mind or, worse, your unsaved edits.

Whether you are a struggling student, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or just a curious cat, there are plenty of add-ons to help you out in the digital sphere. After all, in the digital age, doing things on your own is so last century.

Have a look at these best 4 add-ons that are sure to make your life much easier and save you from quite a headache.


Nothing undermines your work more than sloppy writing, grammatical errors, and ever inevitable typos. And let’s face it, none of us trust autocorrect anymore — if anyone ever did. Working hard on a paper or a report, only to lose points on grammar and punctuation is infuriating for students. Even if you have the linguistic knowledge, having the time to revise every word is not always a luxury you can afford. Grammarly is an ingenious add-on that lifts a huge burden off your shoulders. It is your best friend for any form of written communication. Grammarly checks your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It gives you suggestions and edits to better your text. It also measures how engaging, clear, and correct your writing is. Premium features cover an even wider scope of errors including a check for plagiarism. Professional communication, be it; emails, papers, reports, or even dissertations, has never been smoother.


When it comes to building a website or starting a blog, the design is a serious concern. Not everyone has the talent, discipline, and knowledge needed for designing a website. WordPress is open-source software that allows you to easily design beautiful web pages, websites, blogs, apps, and much more in simple and user-friendly steps. There are many useful plugins for WordPress, but as far as visual page-builders go, Elementor is at the top of the list. It gives you the chance to build your page on your own, for free. You get to choose from various templates and styles and customize it to your liking. It’s fast, efficient, and, best of all, your page carries your own identity, not a generic design a million others are using.

Mac using browser extensions


Imagine this: 37 tabs open, 10 are hanging, and it takes you 4 minutes to find the tab with your email. That article on global warming has been sitting in your inbox, marked unread, for the past two weeks. An ad is playing on one of the tabs. You’re stressed and want that ad to shut up, already. What if you close the tabs and can’t find them later? And which tab is that music coming from?

Does this scenario sound familiar? TabWrangler could help out with this tab addiction. It automatically closes tabs that you have not used recently but allows you to go back to them easily. You can also pin some tabs that you want to keep open. Your RAM will thank you for it.

Cite This!

If you have ever written an academic paper, you know that the most daunting part is citations. You get confused with the different styles, you constantly lose your sources, and it is practically impossible to cite while writing, and even more impossible to find your sources afterward. The amount of time, energy, and eye-gouging desperation exerted in citing sources can now be reduced to printed media, because Cite This! can take care of the rest for you. If the source is online, Cite This!, one of Firefox’s most celebrated add-ons,  generates the citation for you in MLA, AMA, APA, and BibTex-style formats. This way you can cite every source you encounter with speed and efficiency.

These four add-ons cover a wide base and getting to use them could definitely help free up some space on and run your computer with more efficiency and ease. While we see these at the top of the list, there are definitely other serious contenders out there. How important and useful they all are, depends on how much they cater to your individual needs. The number of smart, useful add-ons is always on the rise. New ideas surface every day to provide solutions for problems we may not even know we had. Some are free, others you have to pay for, but it is good to know that there is a remedy for your online troubles somewhere on the web, you just haven’t looked hard enough yet.