In today’s hyper-connected, update-focused world, it’s far too easy to find oneself dropping down the proverbial pit of social media networks. With a new platform being touted seemingly every month, the ground to cover is far too much for any sane individual to traverse without assistance.

As a content creator, the bulk of your time should be funneled directly into making killer content. But what are you to do when marketing all that killer content starts to drastically cut into your creative time? You could turn to the promotion services offered by many of the major social networks, but what you’ll find is an abundance of pay-to-be-seen schemes that do little in the way of automation and far more in the way of lining the pockets of international megacorporations. As proven throughout history, the most effective tools are often made by third parties: enter Somiibo. Somiibo is a one-of-a-kind social media automation and optimization bot. With a focus on ease-of-access and user empowerment, Somiibo downright upheaves and puts to shame the official “tools” that social media networks tout as their part of their promotional platform. Read more about social media marketing.

Social media outlet for Somiibo

The thing is – not many know about it, nor many of the other social media automation options that exist. And with good reason. It’s in the best interest of social media platforms to gatekeep as much as possible in order to keep their users dependent on them and them alone – the moment the user base starts to head toward third-party tools for promotion, they’ve lost potential revenue.

Putting the whims of the megacorps aside, here’s the real reason you should invest in a third-party automation application like Somiibo: autonomy. With Somiibo, no one can dictate the growth, impact, and reach that you can have across a plethora of platforms other than you. There is no one to tell you how to go about the business of injecting yourself, brand, or product into the global marketplace.

Now, many of these megacorp networks will go out of their way to incite fear and loathing in you by claiming that the use of an automated function is against their terms of service – don’t let that fool you. Unless you are explicitly using a software program to spam other users or collect persona data on their platform without the consent of others, you are absolutely flying in the green. Remember what we said about dissuading consumers from taking actions that could cause the company to lose revenue? Well, the same rules apply.

Somiibo on Mobile

With more social media professionals turning toward automation tools, the window for making a splash in the pond is quickly shrinking – but you don’t have to let yourself get caught out by it. With the talk of machine-learning an AI thrown around daily as tech marketing buzzwords, the time is ripe to dive into the use of automation bots. Leverage the power of a personal assistant and pump up your brand like no other. While many automation suites charge extortionate amounts of funds for their “elite services”, Somiibo takes a much more affordable approach to empowering your marketing presence. With modules like auto-like, auto-promote, and send traffic, the potential of Somiibo is only limited by your own imagination. The best part is, Somiibo is as smart – or dumb – as you want it to be.

You can curate a feed of keywords directly associated with each social media profile that you own – or let Somiibo scrape your current feeds – to give it the opportunity to browse networks and interact with content related to your own on your behalf. Say goodbye to hours spent sifting through content and interacting with obscure profiles in the vain hope that you’ll receive some generosity back.

Nothing stays static in the world of social media – and neither does Somiibo. With a dedicated team working day and night on both front and back-end development, the newest and peppiest bot on the block is growing up quickly. Regarding the front end, Somiibo is infamously easy to use and navigate. Opting to ditch the intentional obfuscation that seems to plague so many “power user” applications, Somiibo makes it easy for absolutely anyone to jump in and start building up their social media presence. Read more about social network automation.

From Twitter and Instagram to SoundCloud and Spotify, Somiibo is slowly but surely staking its claim into every major social media platform out on the world wide web. And if all of that isn’t enough buzz to get stoked about Somiibo – it gets even better. Somiibo is still in active development, that means that YOU can help play and integral role in how Somiibo grows up! With an extensive roadmap laid out in front, the future of Somiibo is looking brighter by the day – and with the pace that the tech landscape changes at – you won’t want to miss it.