Building a blog or a website is definitely harder than some could think. Finding the right name, making a logo, creating quality content, placing ads, optimizing SEO, figuring out who your audience is, the list could really go on forever. The worst part of it all, is that even with a perfect plan and great content, you might still struggle at getting some traffic to your site. That’s when Somiibo’s Premium Traffic Bot comes in handy. Our website traffic module is a premium traffic bot and growth service that uses safe proxies to generate unlimited traffic directly to your website or blog, for free. Stop wasting time and start generating some free traffic for your websites!

Computer Running the Somiibo Traffic Bot

Outsmart The Competition

Crush your competitors with our one-of-a-kind traffic bot. Make any page or website stand out from the competition, appear in popular/explore pages, rank higher on Google search, drastically improve your bounce rate, earn more money, boost your online presence and much more!

Somiibo’s premium traffic bot is not only the best free bot out there, it’s also the safest by far. Coded brilliantly by our team of engineers, this module uses browser trusted user-input events. Traffic actually thinks a real user is navigating the site and interacting with content. We provide custom and paid proxies to everyone so you never have to worry about looking suspicious or getting blacklisted. You can set each visit to use a custom HTTP referer, a custom user agent and a custom visit length so it looks like real people. These features allow you to also use the bot to earn likes, plays, comments and followers quickly on websites like Youtube or Soundcloud without raising suspicion.

Somiibo Search Traffic Bot Code

Indexing Your Website Faster

Generating traffic is great for indexing a new website quickly and has many other benefits, but what if you want to have real visitors who like, interact and share your content? That’s where Organic Search Traffic comes to play. Organic Search Traffic is a term used to designate visitors who found your website using a search engine, such as Google, Bing, Yandex or Yahoo.

This kind of traffic is critical for growing your website and business. In fact, it’s the source of over half of all site traffic, on average, as compared to just 8-10% from social media (which is still huge). Google is responsible for 96% of all smartphone search traffic, and 94% of total organic traffic. Some site owners even claim that Organic Search Traffic counts for as much as 93% of their traffic!

But you might ask us, what does our traffic bot have to do with it? In short? Everything.

Search engines work by going to your website every couple of days (or weeks) to see if there’s new content or pages to add to their search results. When you register a new domain name, it can take up to a month before Google starts indexing your website. During that time, you won’t come out in search results and won’t get any organic search traffic.

When you receive no traffic, it’s very hard for crawlers to find your website and index it. Using our Free Traffic Bot, you can literally send thousands of visits to your website and get it indexed within days. You can also use our bot to visit websites containing dofollow links pointing to other domains to get indexed even faster (it works with blog posts and articles).

Search engines see this as if your website is “trending” and getting talked about since those urls are pointing at it and telling people to go and visit it. The result of this process is that search engines, who want good content at the top, will boost the website being talked about to make it easier for people to find it on the web. It is very important to understand the metrics that help rank your website. Mangomatter’s web hosting reviews is a great resource for mastering the techniques you need to rank your websites organically.

Somiibo Traffic Analytics Platform

Adding Your Websites Manually

When you receive no traffic, it’s very hard for crawlers to find your website and index it. Using our Free Traffic Bot, you can literally send thousands of unique visitors to your website and get it indexed in a day.

You can also use our bot to visit websites containing dofollow links pointing to your domains to have them indexed by search engines even faster. Google, for example, sees this as if your main website is getting talked about since other websites are telling people to visit it and pointing at it. The result of this process is that Google, which loves quality content, will see this as quality content and make it easier for people to find it by boosting your ranking.

You should also submit your website to search engines yourself to get it indexed even faster. Here’s a couple of useful links to submit your URLs quickly:

To submit your site URL to Google, add it to Google Search Console. Make sure to also Add Your Sitemap.

You can also add your new website to Google quickly by heading over to Submit URL to Google. Enter your URL, click the “I’m not a robot” box and then click the “Submit Request” button.

To submit your site to Bing, use this link, which simultaneously submits to Yahoo as well. Enter your URL, solve the Captcha and then click on “Submit URL to Bing”.

Final Words The internet is filled with great websites that receive millions of hits everyday so it’s always getting harder to have a good ranking and build a following. Somiibo will not only help your website get more traffic than ever before, it will help your website appear on trending pages and many other places. Every minute you’re not using Somiibo is a minute away from getting more traffic stats on your site.