I bet you’re familiar with that feeling that you’re not accomplishing all you’ve set out to do – you’re not moving forward fast enough, while others around you are seemingly racing ahead at warp speed.

It’s a feeling we all struggle with – hell I’m still grappling with it even now. After all, it’s human nature to focus on our flaws while comparing ourselves to others – even our stone-age ancestors did this while lounging in their caves and wondering why their neighbors had better rocks than them…. Or something like that.

The Reality of Distraction

What I’m getting at is that this problem is only growing stronger in the distraction rich world we’re living in today.

This is the first time ever in history where practically the entire world is connected. Never before has anyone been able to share something that can be seen by millions all across the world – all in the span of seconds. When 100s of millions are able to do this simultaneously, the result is incredible… but not without drawbacks.

With all these people sharing their lifestyles, thoughts, ideas, adventures – it’s clear that only what is outstanding will, well, stand out.

And this hurts us. It hurts us a lot. Because as we see all these amazing lives everyone around us is living while filtering out the mundane, we can’t help feel incompetent about ourselves.

Why aren’t we the ones going on these life-changing adventures and getting 100,000 likes on our posts? Why aren’t we the ones meeting all the right people and getting these perfect opportunities that everyone around us is?

I should mention that this disruption to the world is still in its baby stage. Who knows where this will go… but that’s another post for another day.

Don’t worry, this is going somewhere: This being a personal challenge of mine, I’m about to do my damned best to tackle this issue that’s experienced by so many by providing the tools, methods, strategies, and mindsets I currently use to avoid falling into this pit and avoid distractions, optimize achievement, and take control of life!

Finally, to top it off, seeing as you’re really here for Somiibo and to understand how to best optimize your social media performance, everything will tie together soon – so keep on reading to see how.

Let’s dive down this rabbit hole…

Tools and Solutions to Produce Successful Content

It really isn’t as hard to avoid the distractions holding us back from developing our lives as society makes it out to be. There’s just one caveat: you’ll need to take action.

From many personal development/life optimization books, podcasts, programs, and a touch of cognitive behavioral therapy – I’ve combined all the advice, noted the most consistent patterns, and developed this system for making sure each day moves you closer to the lifestyle you want.

You can start producing successful content right away, and I’ll show you how.

I’ve done my best to make this as applicable to everyone’s situation as much as possible. Since you’re on Somiibo, you’re obviously an entrepreneurial type looking to grow your reputation.

And as entrepreneurs tend to do, we break systems and make them fit our needs. Play around with these tools a little – find what works best for you.

1. Trello

The absolute number one effective way (I found) to stay on track and conquer your days is stupidly simple – plan your days in advance.

I’m in not associated with them, but I love this tool called Trello. It’s a free app (both desktop and smartphone) meant for project management – but I’ve jerry-rigged it for our purpose here.

Basically I use it as a to-do list, with some modification.

What I’ve done is I created a template for each day of the week and filled it with the fundamental tasks and routines I want to accomplish each day and week.

The process is simple – first create a list of what matters most to you:

What do you want to accomplish, not just in the future – but for each day?

What commitments do you have and want to keep? These can be work, gym, health, hobbies, habits, morning routines, keeping in touch with those who matter… think of anything else that falls under this theme.

Once you’ve gotten this list going – think and pick the items to tackle first (keep it simple, you don’t want to burn out).

Side note: I love doing this on pen and paper and listing each item out in what I call a “brain dump”. For some reason, I’m not as productive on the keyboard. When I have a pen in hand, it’s like my mind enters a more creative place. Give it a shot.

Once we’ve got your final list of items and intentions, create a plan, like this lovely setup below, to accomplish them. Here’s my solution:

Trello schedule example

Again, this is my schedule – yours will and should drastically differ.

It seems quite repetitive, but it’s really not…

Each night before bed I copy the template for the next day (renaming it to that day) and then adjust it to what the actual day will look like. This way, things aren’t repetitive and boring – you maintain that flexibility you crave.

The colors are used to identify grouped tasks that are done together and the time block they are done in. Trial and error is a key part of this equation – use it to figure out how long your tasks take and how to best fit them into a time block, along with which tasks pair together better.

Important note: Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t finish all the tasks in a time block by the deadline. Don’t push back the next block unless it’s absolutely necessary. If you don’t finish all the tasks in a time block (and you won’t for a while) – don’t sweat it, simply move on to the next time block. You’ll be doing it again soon anyways. There’s also a time element – the more you follow this schedule, the more you train yourself in finishing your tasks and blocks faster and more efficiently.

Don’t underestimate this method – the feeling of completing what you’ve set out to do is unlike any other. Don’t take it from me, take it from ex Navy Seal commander Jocko Willink (highly paraphrased):

2. The “10–3–2–1–0” System

This simple formula I picked up from Craig’s book “The Perfect Day Formula” is incredible in ensuring you get the best possible sleep, rest, and energy you need to optimize the next day.

Apply these 5 easy steps throughout the day and see for yourself how you feel the next day:

10 Hours Before Bed

No more caffeine consumption

3 Hours Before Bed

No more food, especially alcohol

2 Hours Before Bed

No more focus on work

1 Hour Before Bed

No more screen-time

0 – The amount of times you hit snooze in the morning

That’s the essence of the formula – simple, right?

Although it’s meant for optimizing sleep and restfulness, when paired with the other tools mentioned, you’ll see for yourself just how big of an impact this will have on your life and image.

Also – if you liked this, be sure to check out Craig’s website for a bunch of other useful tips and posts centered around this concept.

3. Somiibo’s Solution to Writing Good Content

At last – how Somiibo ties in and supports this:

How much time do you roughly spend on your social media? Think about it for a second.

Statistics show that the average person tends the hover above the 2-hour mark for social media engagement.

This just the average.

Plus, that statistic uses a sample base of internet users from 16-64 years old, so let’s be honest; the number’s probably way higher.

That sucks! Spending that much time each day just to check all your likes repeatedly and scroll through everyone else’s highlights isn’t just wasting your time, it’s also making it more difficult to return back into your productivity zone.

That’s where Somiibo get’s to play the role of Superman. With your social media accounts being managed and maintained, you’re free to let go of all that worry and focus on making your day into what you want it to be.

You’re no longer thinking about how many likes your posts will get, how many followers you have. It’s already taken care of for you with Somiibo!

Use this time you’d otherwise be wasting to really optimize the life you live. Think about it: the less time you spend on social media and instead work on making your own life awesome, the better your posts will be – drawing in more natural followers and likes.

Somiibo will help you get more followers and likes without you having to lift a finger.

That’s it folks – I hope you’ve enjoyed my musings and all I’ve shared with you today.

Thank you so much if you made it to the end of this post and reading what I had to say. I hope to have you here again on my next post!