You might relate to what I am about to say:

Connecting to multiple proxies at once is INCREDIBLY difficult to manage.

Or is it?

Actually, you can connect to multiple proxies at once very easily…

…this can be achieved with Somiibo’s Proxy Browser module. You can finally put that free proxy list you found online to use.

You can set a different proxy for each tab in your browser

Today we will explore this module and its functionality… as well as how to use it to connect to multiple proxies to manage your accounts from a centralized application.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a program that would let you use multiple IP addresses simultaneously? There are so many instances where you might need to use two proxies at once. Say you want to manage two social media accounts. It’s much safer to do this if each account is on a different address or else you run the risk of getting banned. Fortunately, Somiibo’s Proxy Browser lets you run multiple proxies at once with each proxy existing in a separate tab. In this post we will cover what a proxy is and how you might be able to use the proxy browser to streamline your internet tactics.

Browsing the Internet

Any time you connect to the internet you expose quite a bit of traceable information to other companies and users. When using the Internet, you usually connect via a browser. There are many point during this connection that companies can monitor your personal information.

Computer on desk running programs

If you’re connecting to the internet in a public place, the establishment providing the Internet could potentially see your data. After that, it would most likely it would most likely be the ISP who would see your data and eventually the target web page’s server. Is there a way around this? Or are we all doomed to be supervised by big brother for eternity? Fortunately, there is a solution: proxies.

What is a Proxy

Using a proxy is essentially a means by which you can connect to the internet using a different IP address than your own, thus masking your true identity. The exact science behind this is a little more technical, but the core of the topic is that you’re routing your connection through a proxy server so that the destination website sees the proxy server instead of your own IP.

There are many different levels and types of proxies that have varying levels of security but they generally do apply some level of anonymity to your browsing (see proxy web browser)).

If you do a quick search for “free proxies” on Google you’ll come across a ton of sites offering these proxies to you. It’s really that simple. Learning to use them effectively is a different strategy however.

Why Would You Use a Proxy?

Most people use proxies to stay anonymous online or to bypass certain restrictions that their school or work places on Internet usage. More interestingly, they can also be used to help you boost your social presence, believe it or not!

In fact, proxies are a core function of some of Somiibo’s most effective modules. The most versatile module would, hands down, be the Proxy Browser.

Computer on desk with program running

The Proxy Browser Module

Wouldn’t it be nice to use a browser that makes connecting a proxy easy? Sometimes casual internet users don’t know how to go deep into their browser’s settings to configure a proxy. That’s where Somiibo’s proxy browser comes in. As one of its more versatile modules, Somiibo’s Proxy Browser let’s you connect to the internet and change your proxy extremely quickly.

What’s more is that you can have a different proxy for each tab in the browser! Gone are the days of having to disconnect and then reconnect to a new proxy every single time you want to change.

With Somiibo, you can connect to as many proxies as you want simultaneously. With Somiibo’s session control technology, each tab acts as its own isolated system apart from every other tab within the Somiibo Proxy Browser.

This means that you can connect to sites at the same time while using a different proxy for each site! There’s so much more that the module offers in addition to this, but one other feature that our users find incredibly useful is the User Agent Switcher. Just like the proxy setting, each tab in Somiibo’s proxy browser can have a different user agent.