Perhaps it will be familiar to you to hear something:

Getting plays on SoundCloud is EXTREMELY tough as new artist.

Or is it?

Actually, you can thousands of plays every day with no extra work…

…this can be done with Somiibo’s free SoundCloud Play Bot.

Today we will see the functionality of the bot… as well as how to use it to get tons of plays on SoundCloud.

Marketing your music today is far from what it was like in the recent past. Today, anyone has access to your music and can instantly determine your worth by checking the amount of plays you have on your tracks. With so many music streaming services out there including Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud, just to name a few, it’s almost an impossible burden to stay on top of all of them. Today we will learn how you can increase your online presence specifically on SoundCloud by using Somiibo’s SoundCloud Play Bot.

Getting SoundCloud Plays the Old Way

So I heard you recently completed your new track. It’s so great and you want nothing more than to give it to the world and you can hardly wait to simply sit back and let those new SoundCloud plays begin pouring in and giving you huge amounts of likes and boosting comments.

A week passes by and your perfect work of art still just has 100 plays. A vast majority of the plays are yours, and your mother and your closest friend also looked at it and told you it’s a good track. Is this starting to sound familiar?

You ponder internally: this is such a wonderful bit of craftsmanship, so I needn’t bother with any promotion. It will get big without anyone else! Isn’t that so? That’s quite far from true, actually.

Undershot of a SoundCloud DJ playing at a festival

It truly doesn’t make a difference how extraordinary your music is. All things considered, it does, yet that is not what will get you the likes, comments, and plays. Since you’ve made the content, it’s important now to promote your music. Without this imperative advance, your work will be a flat out waste on the grounds that nobody will discover it. Nobody even knows it exists.

You could be the best musician on the planet yet in the event that you don’t showcase yourself, nobody will know this amazing fact about you. This reality alone is the hardest aspect of being a professional musician. At Somiibo, we’re not just here to enable you to get more SoundCloud plays. We need to enable you to get long-term fans. We need to get your music before however many imminent fans as could be expected under the circumstances. These are the general population that issue most. In case you’re keen on this you can look at our post about why Somiibo is the best SoundCloud Bot

Why SoundCloud Plays are Important

All things considered, how imperative are these details? Does it truly make a difference what amount of SoundCloud plays I have? Would it be advisable for me to try to get more SoundCloud plays?

These are definitely regular inquiries and they all go back to the topic of social proof. You can read more about social proof and SoundCloud plays in our last blog entry. To keep it short, SoundCloud plays is a vanity metric. We naturally see accounts that have a lot of plays as more vital.

shot of edm DJ on SoundCloud plays for crowd

Many individuals fall back to buying plays to build these metrics. In any case, this is the wrong approach to build this metric. You wind up with a group of robots that follow you. This may look cool however robots hate your content, human beings are the ones that enjoy your content.

Using a SoundCloud Play Bot

Without sounding too contradictory to myself, it is important to give yourself a little boost every once and a while. It’s like a kickstart if you will. A SoundCloud play bot will artificially increase the number of plays on your track so that when real people see it, they are impressed.

How about we remove the concentration from us for a minute. Isn’t it just a lot more satisfying to listen to an artist if they have a lot of plays? It gives us assurance that the artist is a good musician and has likable content. That is precisely how our SoundCloud play bot works. It gives your music that social reassurance so that when people listen to it, they have more of a reason to belive that it is a good track.

The SoundCloud play bot works by cycling through random proxies and increasing your play count. SoundCloud will think that these plays are coming from real users as each play will come from a different location! Furthermore, Somiibo’s play bot will also randomize the user agent and HTTP referrer that the play orginates from. In simple terms, SoundCloud will think that a different device (such an iPhone, Mac laptop, Windows PC, etc) is listening to the song each time and that each person came to your profile from a different location. For example, one generated play might come from a user with an iPhone who discovered your song on Facebook. And another play might come from a Mac Laptop user who listened to your song after reading a blog post from another site. It’s completely realistic!

The vast majority of people don’t invest energy showcasing their image and artist brand. The few that do, simply push their music. Why not market on autopilot?

In addition to simply boost your plays, the Somiibo SoundCloud bot will also market your music to other people. Associating with other individuals by following them is an ideal approach to get more SoundCloud plays yourself. What’s more, they’re free plays as well. You don’t need to buy them. Somiibo is your own SoundCloud social media manager that advances your music by following different artists. Somiibo will follow individuals who follow musicians that you like. This normally targets individuals who like music that is similar to your music.

This is the reason we made Somiibo’s SoundCloud Play Bot. It causes you get more plays via looking for users with particular interests or by certain hashtags. Somiibo will follow these users which will urge them to follow you back! This will convey unending targeted users to your social media.

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