I’m sure you’ve heard this and experienced it before:

Getting SoundCloud followers as a new artist is EXTREMELY hard.

Or is it?

In reality, you start getting dozens of new followers every day without doing any extra work…

…this is made possible by Somiibo’s SoundCloud Follower bot.

Today we will discover the inter-workings of the bot… and how it can help you get tons of followers on SoundCloud.

Marketing your music isn’t the same as it used to be. It’s not even the same as it was 2 or 3 years back! Things are always showing signs of change which implies you have to change your techniques on the off chance that you need to stay aware of the accepted procedures. Today we will cover the customary model for marketing yourself in the modern music industry and after that we will find out how Somiibo’s SoundCloud bot can enable you to streamline this marketing procedure.

Getting SoundCloud Followers the Old Way

So, you’ve just finished your new track. It’s so good and you are literally dying to show it to the world and you can’t wait to just watch all of those new SoundCloud followers start pouring in and giving you tons of likes and incentivizing comments.

A day goes by and your masterpiece still only has 15 plays. Most of them are yours, but your mom and your best friend also checked it out and told you it’s cool. You think to yourself: this is such an awesome piece of art, it doesn’t need promotion it will pick up on its own! Right? Wrong.

Girl playing music on DJ board

It really doesn’t matter how great your music is. Well, it does, but that’s not what will get you the likes, comments, and followers. Now that you’ve created the content, it’s time to promote your music. Without this important step, your work will be an absolute waste because no one will interact with it. No one even knows it exists.

You could be the most successful musician in the world but if you don’t market yourself, no one will know this. This fact alone is one of the hardest things about being a successful musician. At Somiibo, we’re not simply here to help you get more SoundCloud followers. We want to help you get long-term fans. We want to get your music in front of as many prospective fans as possible. These are the people that matter most. If you’re interested in this you can check out our post about why Somiibo is the best SoundCloud Bot

How Do you Get More Followers on SoundCloud?

  1. Figure out some relevant hashtags, genres, and artists based on the type of music you want to work with.

  2. Open SoundCloud and search for those keywords. Look specifically in for the most recent content that is returned.

  3. Start going through the tracks, posts, and people. Follow the users as well as liking their first 3 tracks (liking their tracks will increase your chance to get a follow back) and commenting when you really like a song they have put out (a sincere comment goes a long way on SoundCloud and will at least get the user to your page and hopefully more)

  4. If you care about your follower to following ratio (unfollow each follow after a day or 2)

  5. Repeat repeat repeat! This is one of those things that is super simple but needs to be done A LOT to get some real numbers (we have been getting around 40-60 followers a day doing this)

Why SoundCloud Followers are Important

Well, how important are these stats? Does it really matter how many SoundCloud followers I have? Should I be trying to get more SoundCloud followers?

These are inherently natural questions all they all tie back to the idea of social proof. You can read more about social proof and SoundCloud followers in our last blog post. In summary, SoundCloud followers is a vanity metric. We perceive accounts that have a lot of followers as more important.

Man playing music on piano in park

Many people resort to purchasing followers to increase their these numbers. But this is the wrong way to increase the metric. You end up with a bunch of robots that follow you. This might look cool but robots don’t enjoy your content, people do.

Using a SoundCloud Follower Bot

Let’s take the focus away from us for a moment. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came to your SoundCloud profile and left a nice comment or dropped a message saying something along the lines of “Hey I really like this, good work!”. The point of this is what we call reciprocal social media interaction. Commenting, liking, and following other people is a great way to promote yourself. That’s exactly how our SoundCloud follower bot works.

It will search for other accounts that have similar interests as you and follow them. A good percentage of these people will then follow you back. The result is, you get more followers.

Most people don’t spend time marketing their brand. The few that do, just push their music. We flipped this theory on its head. Interacting with other people by following them is a perfect way to get more SoundCloud followers yourself. And they’re free followers too. You don’t have to buy them. Somiibo is your personal SoundCloud marketing agent that promotes your music by following other artists. Somiibo will follow people who follow musicians that you like. This naturally targets people who like music similar to you.

This is why we created Somiibo’s SoundCloud Follower Bot. It helps you get more followers by searching for users with specific interests or by certain hashtags. Somiibo will follow these users which will encourage them to follow you back! This will bring endless targeted users to your social media.

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