I ought to presumably begin by saying Somiibo was made from my heart and from the perspective of a user. Moreover, I started the Somiibo project as an artist, for artists.

Automation for All Social Media

And “artist” is a broad term in this case. Whether your heart lies in music, photography, writing, or anything else, we all need social media to promote our brand. Although it might weird, it’s completely true.

As a mentor, strategist, and instructor, I saw such a significant number of business visionaries attempting to utilize online social networking to develop their organizations, brands, and online presence. We saw a need to offer a service that would help people manage their social media at a high level regardless of whether they have a full team of marketers or not. This is why a social media bot is so important.

Mixing board

Using a Social Media Bot

The three fundamental reasons entrepreneurs weren’t completely utilizing web-based social networking and advertising came down to three simple but important reasons:

“I don’t have the time or resources to post quality social media”

With that goal, our team and I got the inspiration to work on a tool that would make this dream a reality: creating a free social media bot for all. This tool needed to save people time, reduce their greatest distractions, and show them how to draw in followers who transform into long-term fans.

That is the means by which Somiibo was conceived.

Free Social Media Bots are the Best

For $0 a month, Somiibo users get literally dozens of curated tools to use via a powerful and light-weight software and a weekly dose of informative blog posts on how to utilize web-based social networking tips.

Gone are the times of speculating, feeling distracted, and wishing you had more time to utilize online networking to its fullest potential. As of now, Somiibo gives you a powerful and free social media bot package. Somiibo helps fill in the individual holes, which prompts higher levels of engagement.

Now you don’t have to schedule your promotion and worry about getting more free SoundCloud followers, or Instagram followers. Somiibo does this for you. You’ll be able to get as many free likes and free followers as you can possibly imagine!