Perhaps it will be familiar to you to hear something:

Getting engaged followers and likes on Twitter is A LOT of work.

Or does it?

Actually, you can get lots of new Twitter followers every day with little to no work at all…

…you can get these followers with Somiibo’s free Twitter bot.

Today we will explore the just how exactly you can do this with the bot… as well as how to supercharge your Twitter marketing.

Promoting your content is not the even close to the same as it was a few years ago. Strategies need to be changed constantly to keep up with the times and these times are always changing. Twitter, like most social media platforms, can help in this process tremendously. In this post we will cover the traditional way of marketing yourself using Twitter and then we will learn how Somiibo’s Twitter bot can help you dominate your promotion process.

Manual Twitter Marketing Overview

What would you say is the number of Twitter Followers that your Twitter Page has? In case you’re at all serious about your online advertising techniques for this specific social media site then there’s no uncertainty you check this metric consistently or even two to three times daily. I do. It’s a metric and route for others to judge your value, basically.

With millions, perhaps billions, of users on this site, Twitter gives you an enormous potential fanbase for your content and without this strategy in your marketing toolkit, you’re amazing 140 character messages have no chance over the massive number of Twitter users out there today. This is essentially the definition of competition. What’s more, in this background noise, there exists a ton of rivalry for those extremely sought-after social signals you get on Twitter: Followers, Likes, Retweets, Comments, and the rest.

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Simply go and do a Google search for “How to get more Twitter followers”. In the event that you’ve at any point looked at anything like this before, you should definitely realize what you will discover on this short journey. In the web results comes a massive amount of websites and web journals including our blog that are putting forth huge amounts of tips for precisely how you can get more Twitter Followers and expand your fanbase.

What’s more, this doesn’t simply apply to Twitter. Replace this social media site with any of the rest: Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, and so on. You’ll discover two principle things: how to get Twitter Followers manually and how to buy Followers. Furthermore, you aren’t constrained to simply purchasing followers as well. You can get Twitter Likes, and you can even purchase Twitter Retweets also.

Are these My Options to Get Likes, Followers and Retweets?

It may be to some degree strange for many people when they discover that almost every individual hoping to showcase their social media and will see these options as the main two methods for effectively marketing their Twitter. Also, both methodologies have terrible drawbacks. Advertising manually is a huge amount of work yet purchasing followers is costly and can appear counterfeit.

There’s no chance to get around it. Getting a huge amount of Twitter followers is a significant piece of your Twitter promotional strategy. When we focus on these social signals, we have a tendency to end up plainly biased about what makes Twitter… to well, Twitter. Users that get stuck promoting wind up making less content. It hinders creativeness a great deal.

This is the exact opposite thing you need to do. Getting more Twitter likes is an undeniable and positive consequence of content that is inventive and inspiring.

Actually, there’s a third alternative: a good Twitter Bot.

When you use a bot you get the best things from both sides. You can spend time creating content and have all of your advertising handled for you.

Using a Twitter Bot

Yes there are tons of things you can do to get a huge number of followers in a short amount of time and maximize the likes you get on Twitter. You can try these tedious and time-consuming tricks like following random people, using a ton of hashtags, and other things. These methods take forever and there’s generally no guarantee that they will work. But, fortunately, there’s another way.

I present to you: our prized Twitter Bot. The perfect way to get more social media followers, likes, and retweets on your Twitter account. And it’s so incredibly easy to use, there’s no reason not to use it.

Somiibo’s Twitter bot is an automatic way of doing all of the above methods that are so time-consuming. In a nutshell, Somiibo will give social signals on other people’s accounts and they will, in turn, react in a similar way by interacting with your content and giving you social signals. The result is the same as if you had done this manually: you get more retweets, more likes, and a ton of more followers on Twitter. Doesn’t this sound way easier than manually doing this day after day? You get so much more time to yourself to do what you signed up for: creating quirky Tweets.

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Every day, more and more people are turning to this method, that being Twitter bots, in order to boost their social proof in relation to social media.

The main idea behind this is that all of this targeted engagement with actual people, as opposed to fake accounts, will increase exposure of your own account. If you want spam followers, definitely buy them at a sketchy site. If you want real followers, use a bot and see real results. It’s that simple. Or you can get more Twitter followers by using a managed system.

Benefits of a Good Twitter Bot

Picking a good Twitter bot to use is the first and most important step to reaping the benefits. Here’s some things to look out for. Spoiler: Somiibo does all of them…

Why Somiibo is the best Twitter Bot

Firstly, we should discuss a vital tech-related issue with most cloud-based bots. Many online or cloud-based Twitter bots that auto like and auto follow users are quickly closed down or rendered unsafe by users. This is on the grounds that these companies are running a huge number of accounts, from the same IP address. To put things in perspective, this is the same as though 1000 individuals were attempting to utilize 1 computer, all at the same time. No one has enough room!

Somiibo is a local-run bot. In spite of the fact that this implies you have to run it on your own computer, there are persuasive advantages to this approach. For one, Somiibo shows you everything it’s doing while it’s doing it. It’s totally transparent. Most Twitter bots are not like this. All the more, this leaves no footprint and makes the use of a bot basically imperceptible by Twitter. Do you think this couldn’t get better? Somiibo also gives you the choice of utilizing an intermediary IP or a VPS for each account that you’re botting.

This is the reason we built up Somiibo’s Twitter Bot, since it can operate in both these ways. As talked about some time recently, Somiibo gives you a chance to enter particular hashtags you need to be associated with and it will, in turn, like tweets and follow users in light of those custom hashtags. Somiibo likewise enables you to enter preset comments which the bot will then post to other tweets for your benefit. You can get truly inventive with this as well! This will capture the interest of targeted users to your social media.

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