I think it might sound familiar to you when I say:

Getting more followers and plays on SoundCloud takes A LOT of work.

Or does it?

Actually, you can get a ton of new followers every day without doing much work…

…you can get tons of SoundCloud followers using our free SoundCloud bot.

Today we’re going to discuss how the bot works… as well as how simple it is to download and use.

Marketing your music is not the same as it used to be. It’s not even the same as it was 2 or 3 years ago! Things are constantly changing which means you need to change your strategies if you want to keep up with the best practices. Today we will cover the traditional way of marketing yourself in the music industry and then we will discover how Somiibo’s SoundCloud bot can help you streamline this marketing process.

Manual SoundCloud Marketing Overview

How many SoundCloud Followers does your SoundCloud Page have? If you’re any bit serious about your online marketing for this social media site then you probably check this number almost every day, or even multiple times a day. I know I do. It’s a metric and a measurement of your worth, essentially.

With literally millions of users, SoundCloud offers a huge potential audience for your content and without this platforms, your artist has no authority over the other hundreds of thousands of artists out there. With all of these other people in the market, there’s also a lot of competition for those all-important social signals: Followers, Likes, Reposts, Comments, and the rest.

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Go ahead and run a quick search on Google for “How to get more SoundCloud followers”. If you’ve searched anything before to this effect, you already know what you’re up against. In the search engine results page you’ll find a ton of media and blogs including our blog offering endless tips and tricks for how to get more SoundCloud Followers and grow your fanbase.

And this doesn’t just go for SoundCloud. Replace this social media site with any of the rest: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. What’s important to note here is that you’re going to find two main things: how to get SoundCloud Followers manually and how to buy Followers them from other services. And you aren’t limited to just buying followers too. You can get SoundCloud Likes, and you can even go as far as to buy SoundCloud Plays as well.

Are these the Only Options for Getting Likes, Followers and Plays?

It might be somewhat strange to see that nearly every person looking to market their social media sees these options as the only ways of successfully marketing their SoundCloud. It’s like an ultimatum. And both approaches have incredibly impeding downsides. Doing everything manually is a lot of work but buying followers is expensive and spammy.

There’s no way around it. Getting a ton of SoundCloud plays are a crucial part of your SoundCloud marketing strategy. But when we get so incredibly focused on these social signals, we tend to become equally narrow minded about the rest of what makes SoundCloud… well, SoundCloud. Artists that think so hard about marketing end up creating less music. It gets in the way of creativity.

This is absolutely the last thing you want to happen because getting more SoundCloud likes is a result of content that is truly creative and interesting.

The truth is, there’s a third option: a good SoundCloud Bot.

The whole truth is that you get the best of both worlds. You can be creative and have marketing taken care of for you. The rest of this post gets straight to the point, and that is about getting plenty of return on the investment you spend on your social media profiles the right way.

Using a SoundCloud Bot Instead

Sure there are tons of tricks and gimmicks you can do to get a huge number of followers and maximize the likes you get on SoundCloud. You can try these tedious and time-consuming tricks like following random people, using a ton of hashtags, and what not. These methods take forever and there’s absolutely no guarantee that they will work. But there’s another way.

I present to you: Somiibo’s free SoundCloud Bot. The perfect way to get more social followers, likes, and plays on your SoundCloud account. And it’s so incredibly easy to use.

Somiibo’s SoundCloud bot is an automatic way of accomplishing all of the above methods that are so time-consuming. In a nutshell, Somiibo will perform logical social signals on other people’s accounts and they will, in turn, react in a similar way by interacting with your content. The result is the same: you get more plays, more likes, and a ton of more followers on SoundCloud. Doesn’t this sound way easier than manually doing this day after day? You get so much more time to yourself to do what you signed up for: making music.

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More and more people are turning to this method, that being SoundCloud bots, in order to boost their social proof on social media.

The underlying idea behind this is that all of this targeted engagement with real people, as opposed to fake accounts, will increase exposure of your account. If you want spam followers, definitely buy them. If you want real followers, use a bot. It’s that simple.

Benefits of a Good SoundCloud Bot

Picking a good SoundCloud bot to use is the first and most important step to reaping the benefits. Here’s some things to look out for. Spoiler: Somiibo does all of them…



Why Somiibo is the best SoundCloud Bot

First, let’s talk about a technical issue with most other bots besides Somiibo. Many web-based or cloud-based SoundCloud bots that auto like and auto follow users are quickly shut down. This is because these services are literally running thousands of accounts from the same IP address. In layman’s terms, this is the equivalent of 1000 people trying to use one laptop at the same time.

Somiibo is a local bot. Yes this means you need to run it on your computer. But there are so many benefits to this. For one, Somiibo shows you everything it’s doing. It’s completely transparent. More importantly, this leaves no footprint and makes the use of a bot virtually undetectable. Thought that this couldn’t get any better? Somiibo gives you the ability to use a proxy or a VPS for each account that you’re botting. You have a SoundCloud bot command center at the tips of your fingers.

This is why we developed Somiibo’s SoundCloud Bot, because it can be run in both these ways. As discussed before, Somiibo lets you enter specific hashtags you want to be associated with and then it will automatically like tracks and follow users based on those custom hashtags. The service also allows allows you to enter preset comments which the bot will then post to tracks on your behalf. You can get really creative with this too! This will bring endless targeted users to your social media.

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