I think we can agree on something here:

Getting lots of points on YouLikeHits is REALLY hard and boring.

Or is it?

Actually, you can dramatically increase your points without putting in much extra effort…

…you can get YouLikeHits points all day using our free YouLikeHits bot.

Today I’m going to explain how to get our bot… and just how simple it is to use.

Yes you could manually earn those YouLikeHits points but this takes forever and is, let’s be honest, very boring. Instead, let’s talk a little bit more about how one can use Somiibo’s YouLikeHits bot to save time marketing. Today we will cover how social media marketing was done in the past and we will discuss social exchange sites and how they can be used to streamline your marketing process.

Social Media Marketing in the Past

Just about how many plays does your SoundCloud channel boast at the moment? Do you know many likes your Facebook profile has right now?

Many people that are not kidding about advancing their presence and expanding their social proof on social media will know these numbers by heart. And they also keep a sharp eye on the numbers as well. Also, for them, it’s a perpetual battle to emerge and stand out among the rest of the users on social media.

Social media is uniting the world and associating people with other people and ideas in ways never previously thought possible. Information is currently ready to be spread over the world in a matter of seconds. There are as of now around 2.8 billion social media users, we can get some answers concerning the next headlining news story in a matter of seconds, rather than days or weeks.

On social media, we may share our own thoughts and advance our image as well as sharing information about other associations and affiliations. With such a critical number of connections with people and relationship on social media, our experience can be over-burdened with a great deal of information.

Table with stats papers and laptop for YouLikeHits bot

As humans, some of the time this amount of social media is more than we can possibly process. Remembering the true objective is to pick what is important enough to be seen. Social proof is used to demonstrate that regard. Much the same as at a get-together or other social event, you’d rather take an interest in an activity that many people seem to appreciate. This causes you to feel inclined to like this particular activity.

YouLikeHits Social Exchange Site

Say hello to social exchange sites. These websites, for instance, YouLikeHits.com, empower you to exchange online actions for social signals. These exercises go from liking Youtube videos to sharing Facebook pages to commenting on Tweets. You can even listen to SoundCloud tracks. This content has a place with individuals who are additionally trying to help their social media presence grow. Each time you interact with someone else’s profile, you acquire a few points on YouLikeHits.

When you have acquired enough points, you will then have the ability to exchange them for social engagement on any site. Moreover, YouLikeHits even lets you buy points if you don’t want to contribute the time and effort of playing out these exercises. Put simply, social exchange sites exist as an intermediary stage that empowers users to exchange these online social signals.

They let you trade exchanges for social confirmation among your friends. You could do the greater part of this manually, or you could utilize a YouLikeHits bot. This is the less complex way.

Introducing Our YouLikeHits Bot

In reality, you could manually get YouLikeHits points by interacting with other users on the site. This takes quite a while and is staggeringly exhausting. Rather, you could utilize Somiibo’s Somiibo YouLikeHits Bot. This is the perfect way to deal with getting points on YouLikeHits and, subsequently, getting social signals on any social media site. Utilizing points you can get more SoundCloud plays, more Instagram followers, and more Twitter followers, just to give some examples. Our YouLikeHits point bot is so phenomenally easy to use, there’s no reason not to use it.

Table with laptop running a bot program

The YouLikeHits point bot is a totally streamlined approach for doing a large portion of the above procedures that are so exhausting and tedious. Somiibo will do the diligent work of acquiring points and you will see the followers begin coming in on each social media site! The process is indistinguishable compared to if you worked to get the points yourself but the outcome is the same: you get more shares, more likes, and a tremendous increase in followers on Facebook.

The main distinction is, the bot will improve the process of earning the points for you. Somiibo is your very own promotion group. Thus, it’s less troublesome than manually gaining points on YouLikeHits, don’t you think? You get a lot of additional time to work on other things and more chances to do what you like to do, such as to build a compelling brand.

Benefits of Using the Bot