I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY hard to get lots of points on AddMeFast.

Or is it?

Well, as it turns out, you can get significantly more points without doing much extra work…

…you can get tons of AddMeFast points all day using our free AddMeFast bot.

And in today’s post I’m going to show you how to get our bot… and exactly how easy it is to use.

Indeed you could sit there all day and manually earn those valuable AddMeFast points. This process is grueling and takes quite a bit of time. Instead, let’s explore how you can use Somiibo’s AddMeFast bot to streamline your marketing process. Today we will cover how traditional marketing is done and that will be followed by a discussion of social exchange sites and how you can use them to speed up your marketing.

Manual Social Media Marketing

How many plays does your SoundCloud channel have? How many followers does your Instagram profile have?

Most people that are serious about promoting through social media and increasing their social proof will know these numbers right off the top of their head. And for them it’s an endless struggle to stand out among the white noise that clouds our social media experience often times.

Social media is presently bringing the world together and connecting individuals in ways never beforehand thought conceivable. Data is now able to be spread across the world in a matter of seconds. There are currently around 2.8 billion social media users, we can find out about the next big thing in a matter of seconds, as opposed to days or weeks.

On social media, we may share our own ideas and promote our brand in addition to spreading thoughts for other organizations and associations. With such a significant number of relationships with individuals and associations on social media, our experience can be overloaded with a lot of data.

Table with stats papers and coffee

Sometimes this is more than we can conceivably process as humans. Keeping in mind the end goal to choose what stands out enough to be noticed, social proof is utilized to show esteem. Much the same as at a gathering or other social occasion, you’d rather participate in an action or discussion that other individuals appear to appreciate.

AddMeFast Social Exchange Site

Enter social exchange sites. These websites, for example, AddMeFast.com, enable you to exchange online activities for social signals. These activities range from liking Youtube videos to sharing Facebook pages to commenting on Tweets. You can even listen to SoundCloud tracks. This content belongs to people who are also attempting to boost their social media presence. Each time you interact with another person’s profile, you earn some points on AddMeFast.

When you have obtained enough points, you will then be able to exchange them for social engagement on any platform. Additionally, a few websites even let you purchase points in the event that you don’t need invest energy playing out these activities. Put basically, social exchange sites exist as platforms that enable users to exchange these online statistics.

They enable you to invest energy and cash in exchange for social proof. You could do all of this manually, or you could simply use an AddMeFast bot. This is the simpler way.

Introducing Our AddMeFast Bot

Indeed you could sit there and manually get AddMeFast points. This takes a long time and is incredibly boring. Instead, you could use Somiibo’s AddMeFast Bot. This is the ideal approach to getting points on AddMeFast and, as a result, getting social signals on any site you can image. Using points you can get more SoundCloud plays, more Instagram followers, and more Twitter followers, just to name a few. Our AddMeFast point bot is so extraordinarily simple to use, there’s no reason not to utilize it.

Table with stats papers for AddMeFast

The AddMeFast point bot is a completely streamlined approach for doing most of the above methodologies that are so boring and time-consuming. Somiibo will do the hard work of earning points and you simply watch as the followers start rolling in on every social media site! The result is the same just as if you had done this manually: you get more shares, more likes, and a gigantic boost of followers on Facebook.

The only difference is, it’s done for you. Somiibo is your own personal marketing team. Doesn’t this way sound less difficult than manually doing earning points on AddMeFast? You get a significant amount of extra time and more opportunities to do what you like to do: create an effective brand.

Benefits of Using the Bot

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