In Somiibo, a module is an individual bot catered to do a very specific task. Think of a module as your personal marketing butler who has one role. The power of modules is that you can run them knowing exactly what they will accomplish, and you can run as little or as many as you want. Let’s discuss the power of this functionality.

Difference Between Bot Modules And Platforms

On the top of the Somiibo website you’ll notice a tab titled ‘Platforms’. If you’re bored of this post already you can go ahead and go look at Somiibo’s platforms but first it’s important to understand exactly what the information in these pages really means.

The sites listed under the ‘Platforms’ tab include everything from SoundCloud to Twitter and YouLikeHits to AddMeFast, and even a few others. These sites listed here are essentially ‘supported sites’. What that means is, Somiibo has the ability to automate your marketing on these particular sites. However, not all sites are the same. Even more so, there is no one part of a single site that you should focus your marketing on. This is where the modules come in to play. Modules focus on one specific marketing task and are designed from the ground up to incorporate only the most effective marketing techniques on each platform.

Let’s take SoundCloud for example. We can all agree that there are many things you need to do in order to market effectively on SoundCloud. As we discussed in one of last week’s articles, you need to promote your song’s directly to these 3 important influencers. You also need to share your tracks with artists who make similar kinds of music to you. It would also be nice to kickstart your plays, wouldn’t it?

Thus, the Somiibo app has 2 modules built and designed specifically to do these exact tasks on SoundCloud. Namely, one for promoting your tracks and another for simply generating plays.

Somiibo modules breakdown

Again, these are only a few examples of many modules that Somiibo offers. Each one is catered to a specific task on a specific site/platform.

The ‘Modular’ Part of Modules

Well if each module only does one thing, then that must mean Somiibo is pretty simple, right? Wrong. The best part about these modules is that they are ‘modular’ in that you can pick and choose multiple modules to work together to expedite your internet marketing. Think of Somiibo as your marketing manager and each module as the manager’s agents. Each agent does a specific task and, collectively, they come together to make a team.

Let’s say, for instance, that you just published a new track on SoundCloud and want to promote it on SoundCloud itself, promote the track on Twitter, and even give your track a play boost to kickstart it’s growth. You can do all of this at the same time–simultaneously.

Somiibo bot module tabs

The top bar of Somiibo has what are called tabs. Each tab is the home of one module, and you can open an infinite number of tabs. That’s a lot of agents working for you. While one module promotes your track on SoundCloud, the second module is hard at work on Twitter spreading the word about your new creation, all while the third module is cycling through proxies and cranking up your track plays.

If you ever wished that you had a team of marketers, now’s your chance to get your hands on one.

How will you use Somiibo’s modules to build a team of marketers?