Psychology and Social Media

The countless photos, videos, and other content we share on social media can often appear to be irrelevant, yet they really do matter. They activate parts of us that set us apart from other animals: our complex addictions, anxieties, and delights.

If we understand how psychology plays a role in social media, we can begin to use these findings to make larger impacts on our audiences.

Social Media Science: Dopamine and Oxytocin

A cartoon brain with a floating crown

The impulsive habit to use social media isn’t just “in our heads.” It is very much driven by two chemicals that exist in the brain: dopamine and oxytocin.


Dopamine is activated by novelty, by little bits of surprise, and by expected rewards—essentially everything that goes on within social media platforms.

The draw of dopamine is so strong to the point that research has indicated tweeting is harder for individuals to resist than cigarettes and liquor.


Oxytocin is also known as “the cuddle substance” because it is discharged when you kiss or embrace.

Or, on the other hand…tweet. In 10 minutes of web-based social networking time, oxytocin levels can ascend as much as 13%—a hormonal spike proportionate to some people on their wedding day.

Social Media Activities: Why We Post, React, and Remark

In person, people dedicate around 30–40% of all conversation to discussing themselves. Yet online, that number hops to around 80%…That is an enormous leap!

Why? Talking up close and personal is chaotic and involved–we don’t have time to consider what to state, we need to perceive facial prompts and other forms of non-verbal communication.

On the web, we have the time to develop and refine. This is the thing that psychologists call self-introduction: situating yourself the way you need to be seen.

The feeling we get from self-introduction is so strong that reviewing your own Facebook profile can give you a boost of confidence.

We Understand

A cartoon brain with a floating crown

Now that we understand a little bit more of the psychology of social media, we can begin to analyze not only the behavior of others but also our own. With Somiibo’s SoundCloud module, you can decide upon the type of image you want to create for yourself as an artist and our module will take care of the rest. No more monotonous clicking and typing just to boost your profile. Spend that time doing what you love and bettering yourself.