Social Media Exchange Sites Explained

Social media is now connecting the world in ways never previously thought possible. Information can now be spread from pole to pole faster than it could among a small, isolated village. With about 2.8 billion social media users, we can learn about the next big thing in seconds, rather than days or weeks. On social media platforms, we may share our personal experiences as well as spread ideas for our businesses and organizations. With so many connections to people and organizations on social media, our feeds tend to be filled with too much information to possibly process at once. In order to decide what gets our attention, social proof is used to indicate value. Just like at a party or other social event, you’d rather join in on an activity or conversation that other people seem to be enjoying as well.

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Social Proof

Gaining social proof used to be simple. If more people engage with your content, it means it is worthy of being engaged with. Makes sense, right? Now, things get a little more complicated when anyone can and everyone will fight for your attention on the social media space. In order to get real social engagement, people need to see value in the content to begin with. But then how does one gain this social proof when all new posts begin with zero engagement?

Social Exchange Sites

Enter social exchange sites. These websites, such as and, allow you to exchange online actions for points. These actions range from liking Youtube videos to sharing Facebook pages to commenting on Tweets. This content most often belongs to other members on these websites who are also trying to boost their social proof.

Hands holding blank phones with speech bubbles

Social Exchange Points

Once you have acquired enough points, you can then exchange them for social engagement on your own pages. Websites such as even allow you to exchange these points for cash. Similarly, some websites even let you buy points if you don’t want to spend time performing these actions. Put simply, social exchange sites exist as platforms allowing users to exchange strategic clicks. They allow you to spend time and money in exchange for social proof. These platforms alone seem to offer the best way to boost social engagement on your content, but what if we told you there was an easier way?

As mentioned before, gaining these points in order to boost social proof takes precious time and/or money. As an artist, developer, or other type of creator, time is your most valuable asset, followed by money. Rather than on social media marketing, these precious resources should be spent doing what you love and what you do best: creating.

Somiibo’s Solution

Luckily, Somiibo’s social exchange bots will gain these points for you for free. You don’t lose a penny and the only time you need to spend is to set up the bot, which takes seconds. All you need to do is decide how to spend them. Since you can spend money on these points and they are quite valuable, using a Somiibo social media exchange bot will essentially generate money for you while you wait.

Purchasing Social Media Engagement

If you are interested in simply boosting your stats quickly, you can look into a social media marketing panel such as DigiSMM. There are other platforms but we have personally used this site and can vet its ability to provide good engagement.