The Three People You’ll Want To Share Your New Music Track With

You can share a track with hundreds of people, but if these aren’t the types to garner popularity for your track, it won’t go anywhere. Last week, we went over how to create an individual brand for your track with album art and tags. We also discussed how you can [put your track in front of a large number of people]. At the end of the post, we expressed the importance of putting your track in front of influencers to boost its popularity.

Who are these influencers and what can they do?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, he discusses the three types of people that can make an idea–be it a product, belief, or in this case, a track–reach the Tipping Point. Gladwell describes the Tipping Point as “that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire.” Today, we will describe these three people Gladwell delineates in his book in the context of “tipping” a new music track. Sharing your track with these types of people will greatly increase the chances your track spreads far and wide.

1. The Connector

A Connector, bringing people together at a networking event

The first of these three people is the Connector. Connectors maintain relationships with many friends and acquaintances. They are the type of people who always have someone to reach out to for a specific need, most often to aid another person. If you share your new track with a true Connector, they will know exactly which people in their network would enjoy it. With a few kind words, you may convince him or her to spread your track to these people, and win you a few true fans. Even better, these people the original Connector shares the track with may be Connectors themselves, or the other two important types of people we will discuss: Mavens and Salespeople.

2. The Maven

A Maven performing research on his favorite music genre

Mavens are those who are the masters of knowledge in a specific field or industry. In our case, these people know everything and everyone relating to a genre or genres of music. People often come to music Mavens when they are looking for new music recommendations or if they have a specific question about an artist, sub-genre, or event. If you can convince a Maven to like your track, their authority when sharing your track will hold weight that will inspire others to like it as well. People who hear about a track through a known Maven will often assume the track is of high-quality before even listening to it. They trust the Maven’s judgement. Yet the masters of gaining trust have yet to be mentioned, the Salespeople.

3. The Salesperson

A Salesman explaining a product to a potential client

A Salesperson is someone who convinces others that an idea is worthy of adopting with charisma and digital social skills. A complement to the Maven, the Salesperson will go out and approach others–be it online or in person–in an effort to gain popularity for your new track. For example, hiring a marketing company for SoundCloud is essentially paying Salespeople to promote your track to others via their broad channels of media distribution.

What will you do now?

So when it’s time to spread your new music track, keep these three types of people in mind when deciding who to share it with. Think long and hard about who is in your network and if any of these people are a Connector, a Maven, or a Salesperson. Since Somiibo’s Soundcloud Platform engages with users who are relevant to your content, the chances of one of these three people coming across your music are very high. With Somiibo, you get to focus on making music and we will take care of the rest.