Want to gain more exposure with your social media posts? We got you covered with these 3 simple steps…

1. Create a Tone or a Theme you live by

Is your brand serious or does it have a funny side as well?

Dillon Francis is an example of an artist that also seems to double as a comedian, but other musicians not so much.

Definining these characteristics inform your audience of your brand and give them a chance to connect with you and your work. People appreciate a voice they can relate to, especially one that resembles a friend. A key step in determining your brand’s personality is to discover your target audience.

2. Dominate all areas of Social Media

Likely, most brands will focus on one Social Media Network but it is important to not forget the importance of working with multiple networks simultaneously. If your a musician, your primary platform is likely SoundCloud. Don’t make the mistake, however, of believing that SoundCloud is all you need.

Somiibo helps you automate your activity on social media. Somiibo leaves you in charge of being the creator and takes care of the interaction and marketing aspects that truly spread the word about your brand. Somiibo works with a variety of platforms, so you never have to worry about leaving out a site that may end up really solidifying your presence online.

3. Quality over Quantity

This age old saying could not be more true for boosting your social media presence. You will certainly lose followers if your content becomes increasingly less relevant to your precious fans. How, then, do you ensure your posts are full of quality content?

First, never post just to simply… post. It’s far better to post late than to regurgitate something irrelevant or poorly made. Somiibo can help you take advantage of filling in these gaps by interacting with your followers and driving your posts to a wider audience.