Top 3 Benefits of a Strong Social Media Presence

To entrepreneurs, online marketers, artists, photographers, and all creatives alike, social media is a powerful tool we can all take advantage of while it still retains its reach. Many marketers have claimed that social media marketing is an integral part of their process in creating brand awareness. For this fact alone, it is incredibly important to craft an online presence. Here are 3 specific reasons as to why this presence can be beneficial. Markdown editor.

1. Increased Brand Recognition

Building a strong awareness of your brand is an integral step in expanding your social media reach. Increasing your visibility creates buzz and a channel for you voice. At the same time, social media makes your voice easier to be heard by more and more potential fans. Similarly, a customer that hasn’t quite been sold on your content might become convinced if there’s lots of talk about your content.

2. Decreased Marketing Costs

While advertising has become increasingly more target and, frankly, a lot better in recent years, it can still appear somewhat intrusive to the user. Social media can be used to nonchalantly bring your content to life. Especially when your social media posts are consistent and your accounts remain active by interacting with others content, your profiles will appear so much more lively and will naturally attract new fans and customers.

Somiibo is designed to automate your interaction with other profiles to stimulate lively activity. This is not to say that paying for advertising, especially on social media platforms, is a bad thing, but why not monopolize the free traffic?

3. Better Search Engine Rankings

Outperforming your competitors in search results is so incredibly important in attracting new fans and customers.

This is an incredibly easy way to capture relevant traffic. Search engines like Google calculate their rankings using a number of metrics, with social media being a strong driver. Being active on social media acts as a natural way of letting search engines know that your brand is legitimate, popular, and trustworthy. However, quality posts will always triumph over quantity of posts, so be careful in that regard.

Interacting with content not only raises the awareness of your social media to other people, it also looks good for search engines. Somiibo is designed to automate this activity and be your personal marketer. There’s no longer a need to manually interact with content on social media to bring awareness to your brand, Somiibo does that for you.