10 Viral Marketing Tools to Generate Leads and Traffic

10 Viral Marketing Tools to Generate Leads and Traffic

What could be better than when users advertise your product and services themselves, and you just enjoy the sales growth? If you think this is fiction, then you just haven’t heard about what viral marketing is. However, there are a lot of successful viral marketing examples on social media. Want to get the same result?

This kind of marketing is worth the attention of every business or blog owner. In this article, you will learn a little more about viral marketing and the reasons to run a campaign that focuses on this type of marketing exclusively. But more importantly, you will discover must-have viral marketing tools that will make viral marketing strategy launch a simple task.

Viral Marketing: What It Is and What Does It Do?

So, viral marketing is a way of distributing advertising information when the recipients will be the main distributors of content. The main goal of this viral marketing technique is to create a product that will attract users and encourage them to share this information. What are the main advantages? The key of them are:

  • Viral content does not look like advertising and is more likely to stand out from the information noise.
  • Potential consumers receive information about the product from friends and acquaintances with whom the level of trust is much higher.
  • Viral advertising can be much cheaper than other forms. The only investment is content and tools, and distribution is free.

What About the Content?

Viral content is a thing that most users of social media expect today. In a matter of minutes, viral content passes through a huge number of Internet users, and this type of marketing can be called the word of mouth marketing.

“Today, viral content can be of absolutely any form. It may not be just text, but a game or a flash mob. Does viral marketing work? It not only works - it has a superpower, so this strategy will be useful for everyone who wants to increase traffic and attract a live audience. ” - explained the Writing Judge academic writing service’s team.

Viral content should not only familiarize the audience with the product but also generate interest with an incentive to spread this information. However, how to come up with such an ads idea that will go viral and make a marketing campaign effective? This task becomes easier with the help of special tools that you will learn about next.

Top 10 Viral Marketing Tools of 2020

Before we dive into the top tools for this type of marketing, we need to understand the forms of viral marketing.

“There are four main forms of viral marketing that are most effective. We are talking about contests, referral campaigns, milestone referrals, and even gamified contests.» - explained the CEO from Pick the Writer essay writing service reviews platform, which creates quality viral content.

Agree, today you can meet with the above described in 10 minutes of spending time on Facebook or Instagram. Below you will find applications that will allow you to develop a  viral marketing strategy suitable for the campaigns described above. You can use a service like groovefunnels or clickfunnels to make sales.

1. KingSumo

This platform is at the top of the list for a strong reason. Firstly, this product was released by one of the successful companies. Secondly, it has everything you need to attract an audience through contests. This service is easy to interact with and integrates well with the WP.

With this app, you need to spend only $49 on a quality viral marketing campaign. All you have to do is write a couple of lines about your competition and set the number of winners. Or you can play just one big prize, in general, there are no restrictions. Then the app will start working. It suits all business owners, regardless of their size, and the affordable price makes this service the most popular.

2. Wishpond

This is the ideal platform for those who want to be able to create different contests. Here you can create contests for the best photo, hashtags, videos, coupons, and so on. In fact, this platform is not only a solution for those who want to get a powerful tool for viral marketing, this platform can be considered a complete marketing solution. It has tools for lead generation management, email, and referral campaigns, and is ideal for online business owners.

Alas, you cannot buy only one service, but you can purchase a package that a specialist from the company will select for you. As for the prices, you will not find the cost on the site. To get information, you need to order a consultation that will last about 15 minutes with a specialist who will select the best plan for the development of your business. But if you’re a beginner and want a one-stop solution, besides viral marketing, you can use this platform.

3. Entice

If you want to pump your email marketing with a focus on viral marketing, then pay your attention to this product. What’s amazing is that you can use some of the free viral marketing apps. To do this, you have to create an account on this platform.

The platform offers a trial period of two weeks, and then you can use the offer to attract an unlimited number of subscribers for just $20 in one month. But there is also a reverse side of the coin for this application. If you are far from technical knowledge and skills, then you will need a specialist to set up a campaign. Therefore, this product is not suitable for beginners, but a good offer for those who can get help from a specialist. Also, note that the platform has a good blog that will help get answers to many questions both in viral marketing and marketing in general.

4. FindyMail

FindyMail is one such tool for lead generation that can be used by B2B businesses to find their target prospects and potential clients. With the help of their email finder tool, businesses can have all related information about their sales prospects like their designation, address, company information, email address, phone number, and even the link to their social media handles. Their email finder extension is available on the chrome store too.

You can start your free trial with 10 credits, their subscriptions plan starts from $49 offering you 1200 credits, and then their plans go up to the enterprise one where one can have their quotations on the basis of credits they would like to have.

5. Gleam

Gleam is a tool that helps with lead generation through various methods such as opt-in forms, giveaway contests, and more. It is a marketing package that includes four different apps: Competitions app, Rewards app, Galleries app, and Captures app. You can create competitions, games, polls, and more to engage visitors. The email captures app in Gleam is designed to capture visitors’ email addresses using customizable popups and forms. Gleam also offers unique popup templates for eCommerce, SaaS, and other industries. With advanced analytics and an A/B testing module, users can test the effectiveness of their campaigns. Gleam is available as a single bundle or on an individual subscription basis for each app.

This platform is ideal for running various contests and rewarding campaigns. This platform includes 4 applications in one control panel that will allow you to upgrade your business. This tool is very easy to use, and it will take no more than three minutes of your time to create a contest. Also, this application has email forms that attract the attention of all its recipients. In addition to viral marketing tools, there is an opportunity to work on content. You can create a high-quality gallery and much more. You can also make a live presentation of your gallery.

In general, this platform can be called a complete viral marketing tool. However, this platform has a certain price for some services. This is a really good platform that suits everyone who has social media accounts, since, in addition to viral marketing, these apps are also suitable for promoting social media.

6. UpViral

It is a good tool for a referral link system and a reward system. This platform opens up a ton of viral marketing opportunities for users, regardless of the size of their business. Unfortunately, there is no way to test everything for free, but you can choose any package and test it for one dollar a day for one week.

For example, a package for newbies includes an unlimited number of campaigns, attracting up to 10 thousand subscribers, and email support. As you can imagine, such an offer is only suitable for working with one brand, so this package is intended for a beginner. If we consider a premium-type package, then there is already an increase in the number of subscribers, which is 100 thousand, the possibility of promoting 10 brands, a different type of support, and all business functions from the platform.

Managing viral marketing tools on desk

7. ReferralHero

Want a quality audience at a reasonable price? You need to take a closer look at the offers from this lead generation software. This is another easy-to-use tool that will allow you to create a referral campaign in a few clicks. By the way, in the past, this instrument was called Maitre, which you probably heard of. What can be done within this tool? This tool allows you to create contests, coupon leads, and so on.

This platform offers the most attractive deals in terms of price when compared with other tools. The price is fully justified, and it is not worth passing by the opportunity to get benefits for free. You can test each proposal for 14 days.

8. GrowSurf

If you are looking for a tool that will constantly work and have no restrictions in campaigns, then be sure to find out more about this tool. You can run as many campaigns as you need. You can collect unlimited followers, which many other platforms cannot boast of.

There are API and email integration, various built-in forms, and CTA. The affordable price of $ 49 per month provides everything you need for an effective viral marketing campaign. By the way, you can test the platform for two weeks for free.

9. ViralSweep

This solution offers different types of lead generation campaigns. The platform positions itself as a viral marketing platform. The services that are offered on the platform integrate well with platforms such as Facebook, Shopify, WP, BigCommerece, Magento, etc. If we consider the service for competitions, then there is also a system for holding fair competitions and monitoring fraudulent actions. Within this service, you can collect user-generated content from the top social media.

There are three packages with different service levels. You can test each of the packages for free for one week. The fee will be charged for one month of using the services, and at any time you can stop using it.

10. Viral Loops

If you are looking for viral marketing software with a high reputation and are willing to pay for viral marketing, then this tool can be considered one of the best. However, everyone has the opportunity to try this tool for free for two weeks. This period will be quite enough to understand whether this tool is suitable for your goals and needs or not. But most likely you will love this product.

Here you will find many templates for all kinds of social platforms. In fact, you get a ready-made campaign without the need to think over the little things. Therefore, if viral marketing is an unknown abyss for you, then this platform will become a ready-made solution. There are three packages with different numbers of participants, and you can try each one for free. However, there are some limitations. When you get 100 participants, then the free work of the tool will end there. But this is a good opportunity to test how effective the campaign from this platform is.

11. Vyper

If you desire a tool that will allow you to create contests, then you can safely stop at this app. Apart from contests, this tool can be used to create a loyalty program for your brand. The product can be tested for free and paid for only when you’re ready to start a campaign. Users are offered two packages with a monthly cost. There are options for agencies that can promote10 different brands, and for those who want to promote their business.

It is worth noting that the contests from this application have an anti-fraud function. It will not hide the fact that many participants manage to deceive the system and win contests, but here such actions are strictly suppressed. The platform offers to implement your campaign even when you do not have any audience, which makes this place an excellent solution for those who are just starting to promote their business. You can also connect Google Analytics to get a complete picture of your actions. We recommend you to familiarize the blog of this platform, as there you will find a lot of useful information regarding viral marketing.

Final Notes

Avoiding viral marketing in the epoch of digitalization and social media is not the best tactic. Just think about how many viral ads you see in one day and accept the fact that such marketing works. Do not miss this chance and make everything simple with the help of tools! Use one of the aforementioned tools and increase your audience, which will undoubtedly lead to increased sales.

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