Somiibo Beta Tester Program

Get access to private modules while helping Somiibo grow

Become a Beta Tester today!

We're looking for dedicated users to help us with our development. In turn, you will get access to private modules to test and give feedback on.

Most of the users we ask to join the Somiibo Beta Tester Program fit these categories:

  • Active and participate on our forum (i.e. helping other users & sharing ideas)
  • Post about Somiibo on social media
  • Somiibo Premium users (so we know you're serious and actually support Somiibo)

Somiibo Beta Tester Application

Many types of software, apps and other computer programs are usually put through what is known as a beta test.

Why Become a Somiibo Beta Tester?

There is no better way to get early access to powerful tools and help the program grow!

A beta test happens prior to release to the public. Many sites like Somiibo will have beta tester application forms that you can fill out and submi online. When enrolling as a beta tester for software, you will receive early access to private features and in return will ask you to write a review, post about the software on social media, or otherwise give feedback so the developers can improve the software during the beta testing phase of development.

  • Get access to private modules
  • Help Somiibo grow
  • Get in contact with our developers to build custom modules
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